Minimalism can be explained in a simple phrase, “less is more”. According to interior designers in Pakistan, the ideology behind minimalism is to create a space with bare essentials where lighting, setting and objects play a central role. For all those who have minimalism close to their hearts, it is not just a concept but a way of living. Given below is a guide to help you achieve minimalist interior without any fuss because this is what minimalism is all about—no fuss.

Functionality Comes First


Minimalism is all about creating functional spaces which are attractive in their simplicity and create a relaxing environment. For starters, you need to make a list of all the objects in your life which are not functional and think about what you can do with them. Donate them, throw them away or just put them out of sight. This decluttering is the most important part of creating an open space only with the essential elements present. This does not mean that you strip off everything from the room and just put a table and chair with a white backdrop. It will look plain and empty. For a minimalist and modern home design in Lahore, you need to have all the essential furniture but make sure everything is in symmetry when it comes to design, composition and shape.

A Neutral Base With Colours


Using a restrained colour palette is intrinsic to minimalist interior design. Neutral tones are the best choice, however, interior decorators in Pakistan recommend using white colour as the base with understated neutral like beige and light grey to enhance the beauty. The monochromatic backdrop is the heartbeat of the minimalist look. You can accentuate the monochromatic look by adding pieces in colours which pop but do remember that all the items you are adding must be functionally essential. For example, in your living room, you can create a simple and minimalist look by contrasting your white backdrop with sofas in neutral colours and cushions in bright colours. You can also add colourful flowers, it will create the most relaxing living room ever.

Details Count


Here we do not mean that you start decorating your place intricately and forget the real motto of minimalism, which is to create a simple space with as few elements as possible. Details are an essential part of any design and it becomes even more crucial when you are crafting a minimalist space. There are very few pieces in sight, so you have to choose each one very carefully so it conveys exactly the same feeling that you want to. Architects in Lahore say that brainstorming is the key, you have to create a statement with as few pieces as possible. The best way to create a minimalist space is to combine décor with functionality. For instance, having a kitchen island with multipurpose storage is not only functional but also adds character to the kitchen.

Sleek, Simple Furniture


All the top interior designers in Pakistan agree that modern furniture is the right kind for minimalist interior design. For sofas, you need to invest in no patterns, solid shades of fabrics, strong design with crisp lines and multi-functionality. Sofas that can be converted into beds or pull-out couches are the best as they maximize functionality while reducing the clutter. Similarly, instead of having a dining table, designers recommend using the kitchen as a multifunctional space for storing and eating food. If you really have to pick a table, it should be simple, with straight lines and a clean finish. Minimalist interior design requires uniform chairs or stools. It means all of them should be identical in terms of style, design and overall feel.

Not Too Many Accessories


Minimalism is the right balance between having too many accessories and having no accessories at all. Focus on quality over quantity while creating a minimalist design. Every item in the space must be there for a functional reason. You have to live by the “one in, one out” philosophy. It means that if you are adding in a new piece, it should be replacing a previous one on the basis of functionality. For example, if you are taking out a couch, then it should be because you are adding in a pull-out couch or something that is more functional than your previous couch.

Minimalism is all about simplicity and functionality, so if you keep these two factors in mind and follow the above tips, you can create a beautiful, serene and minimalistic living space that will make your life easier.