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Interior Décor Tips to Boost Your Mood

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5 years ago

A step forward in the world of architecture is the recent emergence of what is called ‘neuro-architecture’. Research has proven that elements such as space, room layout and light have an immense psychological impact on the inhabitants of the house. Keeping this in consideration, Architects in Pakistan are now paying special attention to what impact the premises will have on a person.  They are studying factors in design of a surrounding that impact memory, stress and mood. Neuro-architects recommend a few ways to improve the home that act as an instant mood booster. Whereas light is the most common mood modulator whether it is in the shape of controlled dimmers or natural sunlight, there are a few other elements that can be incorporated to help maintain a positive ambiance.

Positive Visual Elements

Many home designers, as well as medical specialists have endorsed the importance of being surrounded by a visual memory trail. Although some interior decorators may be more prone towards a minimalistic approach and keeping the house clutter free; neuro-architects believe that if a house offers a good set of visual cues that reflect upon the lives of the inhabitants and remind them of their achievements in life, then any bad day can turn into a good one.

Bring in Nature

Just like good indoor lighting is a known mood modulator, natural indoor plants can also boost the overall energy levels of the house. A green surrounding aids in the emotional well being of people which is why people who have gardening as a hobby remain physically as well as emotionally healthy. Indoor plantation helps reduce stress and also reinforces one’s concentration and ability to focus.

Focus on Rearrangement

Anything becomes boring and dull if it remains stagnant for too long. Likewise, it is imperative to focus on how changing things around the house can do its part in improving your mood and the overall energy of the house. A well-planned rearrangement of furniture or changing the colour scheme of a room can do wonders for boosting the mood. Therefore, basic and occasional reshuffling of furniture is a key element for creating positive emotion in the house.

Don’t wait till it Piles up

One of the things that can cause immense distress is clutter around the house. Whether it is a pile of paperwork or clothes – it is best to take instant decisions and actions. Clear up things as you go instead of waiting for it to pile up which will cause distress and impact your mood in a negative manner. Create a clean clutter free surrounding that gives you peace of mind.