For each one of us Light has a different effect and holds a completely different meaning, while some prefer big sources of light around them some prefer it mellow. To some sun is the best source to have light and for some staying behind the curtains is. But we all need light like a necessity and with everything around us evolving we evolve the use of light to meet our needs as well. Two of the most famous phenomena’s in Lighting are Direct and Indirect Lighting. We would be shedding light on the more famous of the two, Indirect Lighting which has a huge fan following now.

In-direct Lighting means reflected or diffused light used especially to avoid glares and shadows in an interior environment. The origin can be dated back to somewhere between the 1920’s and 1925 but a specific date has not yet been found with the evidence as to who was the creator or where the idea came from. Regardless, churches are a proof of Indirect Lighting being used even before the era of 1900’s, as huge windows from floor to ceiling were covered in paintings of Jesus Christ & Mother Marry being a source of In-direct Lighting. In-direct lighting has been slowly growing up on people and the use of in-direct lighting is now one of the most important source of creating ambiance and peace around you. Though it may not be a source of energy but it is a source of calming one down and giving radiance at the same time.

When the lighting is used to light up your homes, offices or any other place it is then knows as “Architectural Lighting Design” this then becomes both science and art to be exact. The lighting of exterior or interior in such places must have two things in consideration, Aesthetic elements and practical considerations of the amount of light required, cost, energy efficiency and occupants of the buildings. Light effects and is effected by people, their moods, their furniture, their interior and their living style. Your mood is one main source for the light to work its magic and sometimes light is the reason for your mood to change. Similarly lightly furnished room with good amount of light can make you comfortable while bright lights with heavy furniture can make you feel claustrophobic. All elements play an important part on you and on the lights as well.

To a normal person without the knowledge of the effects of color furniture and window placing, lighting can get complicated and we will tell you how. The paint on your wall to begin with is one source which you need to think about, we normally select a color which we like or prefer to see in our rooms. Black for example absorbs the most of light it can and white does the exact opposite, the chemicals pigments present in the paint are the source of reflection and absorption of light. You need to see what colors goes best with what type of lighting you are planning to use in your interiors.

The types of Indirect lighting now are available in all different forms and types and can be purchased from anywhere and even made with a custom design. One particular practice that has been implemented a lot these days mostly in pent houses and apartments are the paneled lighting used in the ceiling of the room. This creates an outline of the panel on the ceiling and illuminates the house interior to a soft, comfortable and inviting environment. The actual object that is creating the illumination is LED lights that are fixed in the ceiling hidden to create indirect lighting and they have been also been used in Kitchens and other rooms. LED lights can be used for ceilings, baseboards or windows creating the luminous warm white color creating depth for the room.

Duo Profil and Delta Profil are the LED mounting solutions along with cornices to give that indirect lighting to walls and ceilings. BlackLight Profil is specifically designed for glass shelves to give them that effect of having being lit on their own. FlatLED are strips that are adhesive in the back and can easily be twisted and turned to be applied anywhere. FixLED are lights that are fixed to corners of objects whether be painting or fireplaces to give depth to the object and highlight them in the room. With Indirect lightings particular objects that hold special meaning can be highlighted in your home or office. Indirect lighting is good for not just one person but for people from all walks of life, it creates the effect you seek of radiance and peace.

Wjiha is the Marketing & Content Manager at Amer Adnan Associates. She has professional experience of 8 years in the field of Customer Service @ Liveadmins LLC, parent company to AAA.