A house cannot stay beautiful if it is not maintained constantly. No matter how much money you spend in designing your house and how much effort you put into beautifying it, it is constant maintenance that keeps the integrity of a house intact. So, if you don’t want to wake up one day and find damp spots and mold in your beautiful drawing room, or you never want to see your wooden floors rotting, here are some home maintenance tips by famous interior designers in Pakistan that you should know:

Check for Faulty Pipelines


A leaking pipeline can be the worst enemy of your house. And the worst part is that most of us don’t realize about a faulty pipeline until it has done considerable damage. Ideally you should get your pipelines checked by a plumber once in a while. However, it is always advised that you keep a check on any signs of dampness and check your pipelines on the first appearance of a water spot.

Inspect Window Sills and Door Frames

Window sills and door frames are quite underrated. We don’t pay much attention to them, and would not feel bothered if something goes wrong. However, damaged sills and frames can lead to some serious consequences. First of all, since no one pays attention to them, they keep on getting damaged till the damage becomes apparent. A derailed window sill will not let the window to move about and will let the dust enter. A damaged door frame will also do the same.

Keep a Check on Your Wood


Wood is an excellent building material, but the biggest con of wooden materials is that they are susceptible to moisture damage. You might not be aware but one of your wooden cabinets might be rotting away and soon they would rot the other shelves as well. So, keep a constant check on your wooden items – whether it’s your furniture, doors, walls or floors.

Keep the Drains and Gutters Clean

Just like faulty pipelines, the blocked drains and gutters can completely destroy your house. Unfortunately, blocked drains remain the most prominent cause of seepage and mold. The reason is that a whole lot of us are too lazy to check our gutters and drains every other month. It is very natural for the gutters to get blocked easily, so check them for blockage every other month. You must be very cautious during the monsoon season as this is the time of the year when you get the problem of seepage.

Vacuum and Clean


Yes, we all vacuum and clean our house on daily basis. But when was the last time you vacuumed under the carpets? Or when did you clean the sofa covers and undersides of sofas and cupboards? Most of us hardly pay attention to the places that are not apparent. But one of the rules of home maintenance is to keep all the hidden corners of your house as clean as well.

It is strongly emphasized by famous interior designers in Lahore like Amer Adnan, that you have meticulous home maintenance regime to keep your house beautiful for a long time.