Let’s have a look on different kinds of outdoor dining Ideas.

An Extension of Your Indoor

Indoor ExtensionIf you have a limited area available in your house then you need to make the outdoor dining an extension of your indoor. This kind of outdoor would be useful for your family, where you can link outdoor dining area with your indoor kitchen. Doing this, you can spare enough space, which would have covered if you also use it as a cooking area. This kind of outdoor dining is especially useful in smaller houses in cities like Lahore, where you want to enjoy an outdoor meal, especially in the humid hot season. However, make sure you have a proper airing system like having some wall fans or pedestal fans around you.

Reference: Designing Your Dining Room is a Great Art

A Totally Isolated Area with an Ambiance of its Own

Isolated AreaIf you have a larger social gathering or living in a joint family system then making a totally isolated dining area in the backyard of your house would be the best option but the idea is only workable in bigger houses. Using patios is better idea because these are good for creating larger spaces where you can prepare and enjoy food with your family and friends. As you want to make it a completely separate outdoor dining with more of a restaurant ambiance; therefore you need to design the interior accordingly. As the area is going to be used as a cooking place too; therefore, you need to have a proper overhead covering like ceiling supported by pillars. Keep the zone opened from all the sides with a countertop that is not used for cooking food but also as a dining table with chairs arranged on all sides.

The best idea is built a cooking area in an oval, rectangular or square shape with countertops and columns all around and one countertop in the center that is merely dedicated to cooking food. The space between the center countertops and that of the ones on boundaries should be enough so that incase of weather change like raining, the guests could move their chairs inside. Moreover, the inside or outside sitting arrangement could also help accommodating maximum guests.

As you are going to have a larger gathering here, so using stoned floor or stamped concrete flooring is good to go. Go for any kind of ambiance you want to. A wooden ceiling with antique style lighting fixture and accessories creates a mood that is totally different from that of your indoor kitchen and dining.

Certainly, you are going to use this area occasionally; therefore, make sure it should have a proper covering all around so that it could be kept closed and safe, when not used. Covering could be of thick plastic sheet but better option is to use bamboo roller shutters. Moreover, look for many other options available in the market and see which is best to provide protection and is durable to resistant varying climatic conditions.

Deck Outdoor Dinning

Deck Outdoor DinningDeck dinning could either be linked with the rest of your indoor or could be separate in patios or backyard. Such kind of dinning is preferable in hilly areas where the ground surface is not leveled and usually people build split-level houses, which not only look more stylish but also help utilizing a space in an ideal way. Decks are relatively inexpensive way of creating a more of stylish dining. Usually, a pressure treated wood frame having an engineered material is used as a floor. It is a bit elevated from the ground; however, its height should be chosen accordingly. Though, these look good to your eyes but their maintenance requires more effort and care because wood is immediately affected by the continuous exposure to water and heat. An overhead iron sheet could be used as a covering but better option is to use vinyl flooring instead of real wood.