The contemporary interior designing trends are taking the indoor of a house beyond living-room, dining and a kitchen; there is much more to add in a residential place to make it luxurious and more comfortable. One of these new embellishments is – a home theater or a media room. Some of the people get confused in differentiating a TV lounge from a home theater, as they take both as the same. Most of the people think that ‘a media room’ is the latest name of a TV lounge –but in reality, the difference lies in the idea, designs and usage of this chamber.

Lets’ us learn about different ideas and techniques of creating a home theater in a house. Although, your personal suggestions and needs are above all but still you have to rely on a professional interior designer in Pakistan because he, being a professional will give best suggestions while keeping all the technical and decorative functions in view.

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Questions to Ask Yourself

For deciding about the ambiance and functionality of your home-theater, you need to ask certain questions after which you will reach up to a decision.

  • Are you going to use this media room other than watching movies (such as gaming, and streaming music for a party)?
  • Are you planning to give it an ambiance of cinema?
  • Does your house have enough space to create such a room where you can enjoy watching movie with your social gathering?
  • Which is the Best Location?

Finding the Best Location

If your house is bigger enough, you can create a room that is not directly link with any other area such as a living room or a dining because the interruption may take away the feel of a cinema. The best location for a home theater is your basement because not only this will save your space but it will become a totally isolated area, where you can enjoy a feel of sitting and watching a movie in a cinema.

What does it require to create an Ideal Home Cinema?

Comfortable and Moveable Seats

Comfort is above all, you cannot enjoy music or movies until you are not seated comfortably. Moreover, the place is not only dedicated to watch movies; instead there is a need to make it a corner of social gathering where sofas or seats are arranged in a way that chit chatting becomes easier. Instead of using face-forwarding seating, a media room includes comfortable sofas, room recliners and moveable chairs.

Choosing the Appropriate Screen

Big-sized screens are preferred as these promote an easy-watching for the people sitting in different angles. However, there are various other technical factors which you need to consider – for instance, size of your room, the size of the wall and the size of wall on which the screen is going to be placed.

Give it a Quiet Ambiance

Designing the interior of your home cinema is a great art. Make it quiet by using sound absorbing accessories such as draperies, sofas, carpets and various other things. Making it soundproof is the best option because doing this will not only keep the outside noise away but will not let the inside sounds out.


Like every other thing, lighting also plays a key role in adding value to a special cinema feel. Lighting of your home theater is far different from that of a typical TV lounge or any other area in your house. Instead of using piercing lights, go for subtle lighting as it helps preserving the picture quality.

Creating a Special Cinema Mood

A sound proof interior, with large size screen, proper cinema-style sitting arrangement, and special lighting effects is all an interior designer in Lahore chooses for creating a home theater ambiance.