The use of columns in the houses is not a new addition to architectural industry. Serving both the functional as well as decorative purposes, the columns have long been one of the frequently used elements of architects.  Earlier in the Mughal era, when the subcontinent’s architects and interior designs were on the peak, the pillars were considered the essential part of buildings, because these provide strength and magnificent look to all kinds of buildings.

Although, in the modern era, the use of pillars has decreased to a greater extent but it is not diminished on the whole, rather these are now used in various forms especially in the big buildings like plazas.

“Using columns is a good way to make a house bright, spacious and elegant,” says Amer Adnan, a famous architect in Pakistan.

Nowadays, the columns are available in a variety of sizes, materials, designs and you need to pick the one that suits the location in your house.

Structural Square Column

Structural Square ColumnThese types of columns serve the dual purpose – decoration and support. Usually, structural square columns are those, which provide a greater support to the roof, upper floors or other weight carrying loads down to the ground.  The pillars do not simply stand on the ground; instead these are erected deep down in the earth to make them stable enough to carry the load above them. Usually, in the hilly areas where most of the house construction is done by using the wood, pillars are considered essential parts to provide support to the roofs, which are mostly made up of tin sheet and wooden logs. Besides, the manual pillars can also be made while joining the stones together. There are many different ways you can use, wood, stone and concrete to create pillars.

Stylish Square Columns 

Available in a variety of forms and designs, these are merely designed for the decorative purpose, which transform your house to a totally stylish and luxurious dwelling. Such types of architectural elements are usually in the porch to provide additional support to the roof and these also maintain a chic look. Usually, these are used to provide support to both ends of an arch on your doorway.  Smaller sized pillars can be used inside your house on both sides of the fireplace.

Classic Columns

Classic ColumnsFor adding a prehistoric charm to modern décor, the classic columns are usually made with expensive materials like granite, marble, carved wood and other expensive metals. Nowadays, the steel columns are being excessively used in the restaurants, hotels and houses.

If you are adding pillars in your house, merely with the intention of enhancing the interior, then there is no need to make an expensive choice, because even the cheap materials designed in a stylish way, can give your house a stylish look. If you are confused about choosing a type of column for the decorative purpose, the better option is to consult a top architect in Lahore, as he being professional, will tell you about the pros and cons of all types of columns.