Though times are changing and people prefer a more crisp, minimalistic and modern look to their houses, there are still those who long for the old times – the rich Victorian feel in the house, the velvet curtains, Edwardian rugs and the chic stone fireplace.  Fortunately having such a luxury house in Pakistan is now possible.

Victorian architecture came to life in the mid-to-late 19th century during the reign of Queen Victoria. While some people prefer buying an actual Victorian house and having it refurbished, the whole remodeling process is not only expensive, but time-consuming as well and Victorian houses, unfortunately, are not present in every country. The good news is, however that with a little research and some discussion with the right architect in Lahore, you can easily get that vintage element in your new house plan. The main features that will give your house the charming, vintage look are described below:

Stone Façade and Barrel Tile Roofs

Instead of getting actual stone walls, the look can be effortlessly achieved by using stone wall panels which give just the right texture and natural shade of stone. A stone façade creates a warm, classic Victorian feel that is essentially combined with the typical tall, sloping roof lines adorned with barrel tiles. Pairing a softer shade of stone wall panels with a somewhat darker roof is sure to give the house an eye-catching twist.

Large Glass Windows

Whether it’s tainted or plain, large glass windows give a classic, elegant charm to the house. The addition of an extended bay window not only provides extra light to the room, the extended area can also be set up as a personal spot to relax by placing two posh wingback chairs with a chic table. Installing an elliptical window, commonly known as cameo can also add to the vintage look as these cameos were a common feature in Queen Anne’s architecture, especially in the entry halls of such houses.

Wood Flooring and Tiles

Good flooring speaks for good taste and nothing beats wood flooring if you’re going for that Victorian look. Not only does hardwood give the house a good look, options such as patterned parquet conveys signature European grace. Besides exuding elegance, wood flooring is comfortable to walk on and can be refinished several times in its life time. Though engineered wood can easily take dampness and temperature fluctuations, just to be on the safe side, tiles can also be combined with wood, as transition flooring, if done right, looks magical! With the immense popularity of open floor plans these days, transition flooring can be a better replacement for space dividers. Transitioning from wood to hexagonal tiles appears organic and can be used in areas such as the kitchen and bathroom where tiles are a much better option.

Chalky Colours and Wallpaper

Nothing brings to life the good old classic feel like warm, chalky paint colours. Without a doubt, going with neutral beige or a subtle shade of gray will add elegance to the interior, but rich, chalky colors have their own way of adding expression to the atmosphere of your house and are a better choice if you wish to make your walls the focal point. A rich amber in the living room and kitchen will keep you feeling cozy and at home all the time, plus it can be beautifully paired with a white or beige trim. Another good choice is a moody teal or a soft shade of green that can debatably be the best colours of choice, for green is the colour of nature and it gives an energizing and calming vibe to the room.

In addition to paint, wallpapers are also a great option as they can be selected from an extensive array of different patterns and colours. From luxurious Victorian designs to glittery, pearlescent patterns, wallpapers give a freehand to let the imagination run wild. It should, however, be kept in mind that it’s best to stick with wallpapers that complement the vintage feel of the room. Going with something completely random like city patterns or a wallpaper with horses on it will kill the whole concept effortlessly! So remember, stick to the essence of the room.

Furniture and Fireplace

If you haven’t already been warned, rocking the Victorian look is expensive! It’s not just about the paint and flooring, you have to breathe the Victorian air inside the house by choosing the right curtains, furniture and even the decorations that go with the classic atmosphere you’re aiming for. The Victorian homes were always flooded with lush furniture, expensive paintings and ornate decorations, so when you’re about to decorate the interior of your house, holding back is not going to do any good. Starting with a classic stone fireplace with a marble mantel and placed on top, ornate decorations that remind of the Victorian era, you’ll have to choose the right posh chairs and lush curtains.

Whether you go full vintage or wish to incorporate the Victorian features into modern architecture subtly, it expresses class and luxury and makes your house stand out. Before you go for any look, you should consider discussing it with your architect thoroughly because you don’t get to design your house every day and when you do, it should be your dream house!