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How to Pick a Perfect Floor Plan for Your Dream Home? (Part 2)

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6 years ago

3: Choose Your Land First

Many experts suggest to choose the land first and then select a house plan. But, it doesn’t matter when you pick out a land, as long as you know what features you want in your new house, both in the short and long-run. WHY?

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It will help you narrow down the options and search for the right land that meets your criterion. Remember, not every floor plan fits on every piece of lot. So come up with a large floor or house plan, if you have a lot that suits the size. Else, look for a space that best meets your floor plan.

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Also don’t forget to make use of the characteristics of your lot such as its views, proximity to neighbors, sunlight and or commercial area. All these factors are crucial in choosing a lot. In case, you are after picturesque view, then choose a land first and then select a home layout with excellent window options.

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Besides the interiors, you also need to figure out how the exterior of your house will look. This may include garden, landscaping, walkway, driveway, and or pool, so design a layout according to your lifestyle.

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4: Think About Decor And Furnishings

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When considering floor plans for your home, don’t forget to mull over furnishings and decor. It will help you discern whether your desired furnishing can fit in your plan or you have to buy new items. Also, plan out whether you like to have a different décor for each room or opt for styles or themes that flow from space to space.

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Usually, it’s the open layout styles that freely flow from room to room whereas distinct themes and styles separate each area from others. Architects in Lahore also suggest clients pay heed to window layout and natural light when contemplating to décor their interiors. If you relish natural light, pick a floor plan or house design that has good window options such as this one.


As you take the aforementioned steps your options and choices for floor plans will begin to take shape and you will get a clear picture of what will work best for you and your family.

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