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How To Personalize Your House Design

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2 years ago

Home is a place where people unwind and relax. It is the castle that shelters the inhabitants and provides comfort. A house feels more like a home when it is more personalized. Personalization may refer to adding decorations that you like or designing the entire structure according to your favorite theme or any other preferences. The good thing about giving a touch of your personality to your home is that it doesn’t require you to spend a huge amount of money, but it needs you to be thoughtful and creative. You can create your one-of-a-kind home by expressing your personality through little details. Here are some ideas.

Take A Deep Dive Into Your Personality

You need to take a deep dive into yourself and find out about yourself. For example, if you are a history buff who likes to watch and read history, do something accordingly. Similarly, if you are an extrovert and love to have social gatherings, maybe your house needs to have the essentials for a party. Before you do anything to decorate your home according to Instagram and Pinterest ideas, you need to understand what depicts you and shortlist what you need to go with.

Think Your Theme Through

Think Your Theme Through

Your personality can play an unimaginable role if you let your imagination go wild with the theme you want to apply to your room. Every individual in a household is unique, and their personalities differ from each other. Giving the entire house a touch of your personality will make others feel deprived or in an unknown place. Maybe you are more of a classical loving person while your teenage children want their bedrooms to be modern with lots of techy installations. Letting everyone decide their theme and work on it is a fun family activity. The best interior designers in Pakistan recommend using different themes for different rooms because it makes your home more dynamic.

Paint Your Favourite Colours

When you’ve decided on a theme for your house, list the colours you want, and the walls you want to paint in those colours. You don’t have to Google for trending colours. Go with the ones that you love, and anyone who knows you will identify the personal touch you’ve added to your space. You don’t need to paint the entire house in different colours unless it’s your thing. If you like to keep things minimalist or classical, you can add a hint of your favorite colours in little things like the couch pillows, ceiling linings, window frames, and even the doors. According to the top interior designers in Pakistan, if you want to paint the walls with your colours, but you don’t want to go over the top, you can choose one as the feature wall that you can paint with the colour of your choice, and the rest can go white or grey according to your theme.

Display and Accesorize

Display and Accesorize

Your home is where you make your life and fill it up with memories, so one of the best ways to personalize your house is to show what belongs to you. Tell your life story with your family pictures on the featured wall and make it a corner to display the stuff you like. You can also exhibit posters from your favourite movies or games. Another idea that interior decorators in Lahore give is to make a shelf on your featured wall to put the things you bought on your visit to a carnival or the last time you went on a trip or the things you want to display. The items you will display will give your visitors a quick look into your personality and how well it is depicted in your home décor.

Something For The Kids

The little ones ought to have something personal, too. You can personalize their space with their pictures, plushies, customized furniture, or anything they like and enjoy. If you are not giving them their own room, then a personalized corner with a cozy setting is enough. Just make sure to build a small book corner and toy box for them to have fun and make memories.

Finally, Let Your Personality Shine

In the end, all that matters in making your home your own is to show your personality and let it shine by using anything that portrays who you are and what you like. It can be artwork, collections, decorations, or merely the interior or furniture of your house. Let your imagination float like a butterfly and do whatever you like because there is no right or wrong for personalizing your home, and trust us; you will love the results.

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