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How to Incorporate Gothic Elements into Interior Design

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5 years ago

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you read the word ‘Gothic’? Moreover, what is the first image that comes to your mind when you hear the words ‘home interior based on gothic elements?!’ This style dates back to the 12th century and encompasses the idea of boasting ornate and elegant interior designs which create intense drama. Think tall, narrow stained glass windows and rich deep hues. For anyone reading this who loves gothic elements incorporated within their surroundings, here are a few tips on how the interior décor of your house can revolve around this opulent style.

The Gothic Colour Palette

The walls of the house are one of the few things that meet the eye almost instantly. When designing your house with the gothic style in mind, it is vital to work with the correct colour palette for the paint around the house. Although black/grey is an almost necessary colour to work with, other moderations must be incorporated in the palette to bring in variety and style. Whichever colours you choose, remember to select a rich and dramatic shade of that colour in order to maintain the gothic style. Deep burgundy, dark ocean blue and emerald green are a few colours that will help enhance the overall feel. Interior decorators in Pakistan also recommend the use of earthy elements such as brick and terracotta to further enhance the look.

Window Designs

Gothic interior design represents the medieval ages. Almost all medieval home structures were designed using lancet window. Such a window is narrow and tall and also has a sharp pointed arch. It is usually made out of stained glass and heavy moldings. This architectural shape can be incorporated within your house via the strategic use of old stained glass windows. Adding accessories such as gothic vases to the window will also accentuate the overall feel that you want to create.

Fabrics to be used

The colour and texture of the fabrics being used in the house should match the overall feel of the house by being dramatic and bold. Modern gothic designs allow the use of a variation of colours and elegant textures so long as they are rich and deep. The best fabrics to work with for gothic style would be velvet, silk and satin. Use patterned textures and rich colours to have a lasting effect. Curtains can be in silk or velvet in deep colours such as burgundy or purple.

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