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How To Improve Your Kitchen With Modern Ideas?

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2 years ago

The kitchen is the heart of the house. When you’re happy; you find something good to eat in the kitchen; when you are sad, there must be something in the kitchen to cheer you up. Apart from that, some people run a business from their kitchen by cooking food and selling it online. For some, it is therapeutic to cook and bake. Everyone finds some solace in the kitchen, which shows its importance. Contrary to the traditional belief that kitchens are dark spaces, a modern kitchen is a cheerful and bright space. According to interior designers in Pakistan, the way to create a modern kitchen is to design a clean, functional, open, serene space with a touch of personal character and style. We are listing down some ideas that you can use to enhance your kitchen design.

Plan Your Layout Strategically


This step is of utmost importance if your kitchen is small. Even if you cannot make any considerable changes, then this step can make your kitchen look better and even more spacious than before. The first step is to de-clutter. Having unnecessary accessories can become a hassle if you don’t have enough space to store them, so donate the items you don’t use. If you can’t let go of the extra stuff, get tall storage cabinets that go up to the ceiling. You can store them in the upper portions. Other than that interior decorators in Lahore recommend having a small countertop installed with either storage spaces beneath the top. Do not isolate your kitchen and keep it connected to the dining area and the drawing-room. It will not only make the kitchen a fun space to cook and eat, but will also make it look more spacious.

Use Stainless Steel Or Shiny Gold


Stainless steel is a staple kitchen interior element in modern house designs in Pakistan. Having stainless steel products (like a toaster or refrigerator) gives a classic industrial look to the kitchen. If you don’t like to use stainless steel, shiny gold with a mirror appearance can also be a great way to enhance the look of the kitchen. While stainless steel parts of the kitchen create a seamless effect in the design, the glossy gold gives an extravagant attribute to the appearance. The good thing about having stainless steel light fixtures or hoods is that you can easily switch styles by hiding them in glass containers.

Mix It Up


It is good to follow a theme as it makes everything seem in perfect harmony and creates a linear and clean setting. However, it does not mean that modern style does not allow you to mix elements and take a creative and bold approach. Incorporate industrial fixtures, traditional lighting and a contemporary pop color to see the magic. According to luxury home design in Pakistan, it is essential to maintain balance in all the styles you want to apply. Your end goal should be to make your place look more approachable, friendly, and welcoming. Even if there is an asymmetry in the design, the balance in the objects will draw attention and will appeal to the eye.

Brighten Up For A Wider Look


A dark and dull kitchen looks small and is also not a welcoming place to cook tasty food. For a broader and better look, modern home designs in Pakistan use light paints with a good combination of natural and artificial lighting. It is significant to have a window in the kitchen not only for the aesthetics but because of its functionality as well. However, if you do not have a window in your kitchen, you can pretty much solve the lighting issue by installing energy-efficient LED bulbs. If you love your cabinets in dark shades, you can also use strip LED lights to add extra shine. Remember we told you about adding a shiny gold kitchen island or backsplash? It can also help make the kitchen look more spacious because of the mirror effect.

Keep in mind the above tips, and you will have a modern kitchen according to the latest architectural and interior design styles that will never get old.

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