Out of a few really exciting and remarkable things in your life includes the construction of a new home for you and your family or remodeling an old home into a whole new one. The person who’s responsible for designing and constructing your home or remodeling your existing one into a brand new one before your eyes is going to be your architect. The ultimate appearance of your home will be defined by the architect you choose for your home. An architect’s plan dictates the ultimate appearance as well as the financial costs and emotional toll involved in the construction of your home. Although you will be able to find a great deal of architects around you, yet choosing the right one for your home can be a mind boggling task. A professional architect would save you time and money while minimizing bumps and streamlining the construction process. Here are a few things you need to evaluate before you hire your architect:

A Professionally Qualified and Licensed Architect

Before you finally hand over the crucial task of your home design and construction to a person, you need making sure whether or not he/she is professionally qualified and licensed to do this job. A number of unprofessional people claim to be experience and qualified architects however they not only end up with home designs that are inconvenient but also drain your hard-earned money uselessly. So keep this vital factor in view while analyzing your architect.

A Strong Work History and Portfolio

Only an architect in Lahore with a strong work history and portfolio would help you choose the best and most practicable designs for your home. He/she would help you not only save your money but would also suggest the most practicable ideas. Ask your architect to show you their work portfolio and evaluate the quality of designs created by him/her in the past. This would help you better decide the worth of the person you are going to hand over one of the most important tasks of your life to.

Look for the References

This is what most of us do whenever we want to hire the services of a professional architect or an interior designer in Lahore. We usually discuss with our friends and coworkers to find out if any of them have had the chance to work with an architect who did a satisfactory job for them. In case we find a good reference, it would help us jump through the first and chaotic phase of selecting the right architect for our home construction/renovation.

A Friendly and Cooperative Person

Since the client-architect relationship is very personal. The discussion between you and your architect would involve your personal habits, your lifestyle, your tastes and relationships so as to help him/her create the most appropriate and practicable home design for your home. This is why the architect you choose needs to be a really friendly and cooperative person. He/she should always listen to your concerns with due attention, during the entire construction process and should come up with the most innovative and workable solutions.

How to Calculate Architect’s Fees?

The architect’s fees depends upon their worth and experience however typically, you should allocate approximately 10% of your total construction/renovation budget as the architect’s/interior designer’s fees.