After spending a day at our favorite spa, we walk back home with a satisfying feeling of being relaxed, pampered, and fresh in the best possible way. This is because the whole experience of spending time in the spa is carefully designed to give you that serene environment to help unwind and escape through that weight of tiredness. So if you are working on upgrading the bathroom in your home and want it to reflect the perfect spa vibe, then read through these creative ideas followed by Interior Designers of Pakistan to help you redesign your bathroom as your very own sanctuary.

Go All Neutral

Retro bathroom authentic interior design

When setting up a calming tone for your bathroom nothing can work better than to have a neutral color palette. This color scheme incorporates all shades of white, grey, brown, and all the varying shades that come in between. These are the colors that are associated with peaceful environments and so having them in your bathroom will work well in defining it as a place to melt away that stress. A white marble countertop, clean and de-cluttered is not just aesthetically pleasing but also makes the whole setup look clean and bright. The same goes for beige marble flooring. It sits perfectly with the neutral theme and is easy to pair up with almost all styles of interior. So by having grey walls, white-toned ceramic sinks, toilet bowls, and plain beige marble floors, you can add the element of serenity.

Bring in Green

add in green

Bringing nature to any room can help uplift the mood, making it feel fresh. Spas tend to use lush greenery inside their arrangements to create a healthy environment and a tranquil setting. Bathrooms usually have dim lights and a warm humid temperature therefore there are only specific species of plants that can grow in there. For example, you can place aloe Vera, begonia, ivy, Chinese evergreen in small pots and arrange them around the countertop or the window. Another popular trend followed by the Best Interior Designers in Pakistan is to use bamboos in the interior design of bathrooms. Bamboos require very little maintenance and when placed in an organic container filled with pebbles, they look serene and beautiful. So make sure to use plants to contribute to the spa freshness.

Stock up on Plush Towels

go with nature

Adding luxury to comfort is what the spa experience is all about. Therefore, to design a spa-like bathroom, another major element that you need to incorporate is towels, not the regular towels but ‘plush towels’. The fluffy, soft and luxurious plush towels are key to giving your bathroom an instant spa vibe. When buying them, make sure you invest in absorbent and soft material, like cotton. These will be very pleasing for the eyes and also gentle to use. To make them a part of your spa-style décor, make sure to display some extra towels on those wooden shelves, in a rolled-up arrangement- typical spa vibes!

Add a Scent

There are certain scents that have the ability to instantly transport you to a serene state. Spas capitalize on this fact and that is why you would see them using multiple channels of incorporating calming scents. To make your bathroom feel like a spa, it needs to smell like a spa as well.  The easiest way to do so is to use scented soaps, lotions, scented candles, or essential oil diffusers. The purpose is to make sure that the moment you enter into that room a burst of calming fragrance is the first thing that greets you, to help you enter the process of unwinding just like you want it to be. The most popular scents used by house interior decorators in Lahore are eucalyptus, forest rain, sea breeze, and the popular essential oils include lemon, sandalwood, and lavenders. You can use any scent that helps you relax and just let it be a part of your home spa.

Hang Some Artwork

Interior designers around the globe are known to use art pieces to bring a more dynamic look to rooms, be it a living room, a bedroom, or in this case, even a bathroom. You would have seen at spas that they neither have bare walls nor overly crowded ones. Their walls are strategically designed to incorporate art in a manner that the whole space appears more complete, calm, and welcoming. A large wall print, with basic colors or a wall that can have a couple of mini frames to give it the look of a smooth gallery wall. So it depends on the size of your bathroom and what size of artwork you can add-in. For example, if you have a large bathroom space you can use a full-size abstract art frame, with subtle colors to help make the room look fresh and comfortable. Or if the space is smaller, then the best option would be to use three to four mini frames with abstract images. This will ensure that the room still looks spacious and warm.

Add Gold Accents

The use of gold accents in the bathrooms is the new luxury design trend when it comes to spa-themed décor. Luxury spas have already been using this trend to add that extra touch of bling to their style, providing a lavish environment for the customers to relax in. Entering into a bathroom that has golden door handles, mirror frame, soap dish, and even the towel rack makes it look luxurious. So make sure to invest in gold accents because they look amazing with both white and black interiors enhancing the extravagant feel of it.

The ideas listed above will help ensure that you create the right spa vibe for your bathroom. Light-colored walls,  fresh plants, and a stack of plush towels would be perfect to transform your bathroom into a space that has the luxurious aura of a spa.