Basements have become an essential part of modern home designs in Pakistan as an added storey below the ground. Basement can be used for a number of purposes. You can turn it into a guest room, entertainment hub, or home office. You can shape your basement into anything you like, but still there remain a number of things that can set your basement apart from anybody else’s. It is obvious that basement design should be in line with the interior design of the entire house. However, you can decorate it in several ways to enhance the look and feel of your basement. We have gathered tips and tricks from interior designers in Pakistan that will help you decorate your basement according to the top interior design trends.

Color scheme


Basements are made at a sub-level, which means there are no windows that can let the sunlight in. To prevent your basement from looking dark and gloomy, you need to use bright neutral colors like white, beige, light grays, and their shades. According to interior decorators in Pakistan, these colors will make your room look bright and lit. These colors will not only ensure that your room appears to be more open and spacious but their timeless and classic character will help balance the design of the room. This color scheme is not limited to the walls and ceilings, but you should gravitate towards it while choosing the furniture as well. You can add a pop of color according to the changing trends in cushion covers and tabletops, but your furniture will remain the same to give it a timeless character.

Curtains and space dividers


In the previous point, we said that basements mostly do not have any windows, so why do we need curtains? Well, curtains are not needed for windows because you can use them as space dividers. Having thick curtains will fulfill the purpose of acting as space separators. Basements are usually constructed as open spaces so that you can use them in whatever way you like. Not only that, curtains create a sense of warmth, so you can use them in doorways to uplift the decoration of your basement. You can use a neutral color palette to pick your curtains or you can use them in pop colors to accentuate the neutral setting. As for the room dividers, wooden rustic ones are the popular choice. However, if you want, you can pick dividers that match the interior design of your house. Interior designers in Lahore suggest choosing perforated room dividers that do not completely shut the space from the rest of the room.

Open spaces

Most architectural companies in Pakistan recommend keeping an open floor plan for basements. It allows a lot of room to flexibly use the basement as a hosting venue for a family party, an area for guests to stay, or a perfect home theater or entertainment experience. In open spaces, you can still create separate areas by using curtains and room dividers. Having open spaces in the basement fulfills many purposes and maximizes its usability.

Furniture, Art and plants

It doesn’t matter how you use your basement; one thing that remains constant is the fact that you need to make sure it looks visually appealing. Modern house designs in Pakistan use furniture, art, and plants to create that appeal. Choose sleek, smart, and cozy furniture to ensure style with comfort. For colors, we told you to pick neutrals for furniture and pop colors for cushions. Art is another tool that you can use to enhance the beauty of your basement. Hang wall art, or you can make a dedicated wall to showcase your hobbies. For example, you can put up a bookshelf to exhibit your books, you can hang your paintings, or you can also showcase your music records. Other than that, you can use plants as well to make your space look fresher. Use large plants in corners and smaller ones like succulents on tabletops. It will spruce up the appearance of your basement.

Entertainment Essentials

Basements can be used for many purposes such as hosting parties, as a music studio, gaming room, or anything that you like. However, the common purpose behind constructing the basement is to have extra space for all the social, personal activities. Every top interior designer in Lahore recommends having the entertainment essentials in your basement. For some people, it can be a home theater system; for others, it can be a snooker table or a gaming setup. Grab all the entertainment things you need and equip your basement with the thing which will keep you and your guests entertained.