We are going through tough times, as the pandemic has made it hard to get by for everyone. More than anything, the stress is building up, and everyone is in dire need to find some peace. Spending almost the entire day at home requires something that can let you escape from all the troubles. Interior design has a one-word solution to deal with the pandemic and help the inhabitants find solace in their abodes, and that is Zen. Yeah, we know it sounds cool. The first thing that comes to mind after hearing the word Zen is inner peace and calm. In the current stressful times, Zen has gained popularity and become a contemporary trend. In modern house designs in Pakistan, Zen reflects harmony, balance, relaxation, and peace of mind. We have listed down some simple ways that you can employ to create a Zen living room and offset the stress of daily life.

Use Earthy Tones


Nothing can be more relaxing than nature, so your Zen-inspired living room should have earthy tones like different shades of grey, white, beige, rose beige and similar colors. You can also use cool colors because of their soothing effect. If you don’t want your living room to look monochromatic, you can also pick an earthy tone for the walls and hang ceiling-to-floor artworks, preferably in cool colors to enhance the relaxing ambiance. According to interior decorators in Pakistan, it is essential to create harmony in the colors as it will impact the overall theme of the place. Be careful about the colors you choose and try to balance the theme color with the accentuating colors and textures.

Keep It Simple And Natural


Zen is not a style in itself with strict rules; it is an amalgam of different aspects of interior design which create a soothing ambiance together. Zen takes most of the inspiration from Minimalism and follows the ‘’less is more’’ concept. Interior decorators in Lahore recommend designing a Zen living room with lots of clean lines, spacing, and simplicity. The other aspect is nature that you need to bring to your house. Let sunlight into your home. Natural light is not only good for physical health but peace of mind as well. In modern trends, ceiling-to-floor windows are popular. They maximize sunlight into the house and help become energy efficient, which is also an essential element in modern sustainable building. Replace fluorescent lights with nature-inspired soft light. You can also use scented candles for more natural lighting and the feeling of wellbeing.

Bring In Lots Of Plants


When people think of Zen, plants come to mind, but it does not mean that you have to bring in every plant that you find. Plants are relaxing in two ways; their refreshing green color and the oxygen they provide. Interior decorators in Pakistan usually use Zen characteristics to craft terrace gardens as it utilizes gravel, sand, and stone, which are easy to maintain. For indoor plants, we won’t recommend using flowery ones because you will have to take care of the falling petals. Also, if someone in your house is allergic to pollen, having flowering plants can be a nightmare for them. The best way to create a Zen living room is to get some bonsai trees as they represent the spirit of the Zen decor.

Use Soft Fabrics


The fabric you use in your living room should also be in accordance with the Zen theme. For flooring, the best choice is to have wooden flooring. However, many luxury home designs in Pakistan have marble flooring. So you can use layers of rugs in earthy tones and natural fabrics like wool and cotton. The idea is to place softness beneath your feet, which will make you feel like having a foot massage. You need to pay special attention to the curtains, or you can go for blinds but try getting them in white, grey, or earthy shades and again in natural fabrics like cotton, linen. These materials let just the right amount of sunlight into the house, so it will stay cool but won’t get dull. As far as the rest of the fabrics are concerned, we will tell you to stick to two basic things; Zen colors and natural materials.

Use Zen-inspired Furniture


You might need to upgrade your furniture and get Zen-inspired furniture. Yes, we are talking about the Japanese furniture you see in the movies. If Japan is not your go-to destination, then bring in the furniture that matches the color scheme of your place because you know Zen is all about creating peace through harmony and balance. Get a coffee table in shades of brown that match the wood of the trees. It will look great with a bonsai on top. Pakistani interior designers recommend getting high-quality, comfortable furniture that will help you relax and unwind. You can paint your closets, cupboards, drawers, and shelves in cool blues to create a serene contrasting vibe.

The goal of a Zen living room is to create a space where one can find solace, and you should keep it in mind while crafting your safe haven. We have provided you with the pointers. Now do what helps you feel relaxed, and don’t stress over it as it will be against the whole point of getting a Zen living room.