Your house has been successfully built or renovated according to your preferences. With each room having its distinct architectural and interior style, the last step that must occupy your mind is the paint job. The paint you choose for your walls and ceiling has a considerable impact since it is one of the most visually appealing aspect of the room. Though subtle and blended in the background, the paint can change the way your house appears. It can make your abode look brighter and more spacious and can also make everything appear dull. It can help outline the interior of the space and create focal points in open spaces. It all depends upon the colors you choose, which can become a daunting task because of the options available. After discussing with our interior designers in Pakistan, we have some tips that will help you choose the right paint for your house.

Find Paint Inspiration


If you are indecisive about what colors you should pick for your house, you should try getting some inspiration. It will open all the creative blocks in your head, and you will find yourself in a better position to choose something. Now the question arises that where can you find the inspiration? It’s everywhere! You can get magazines to check out various themes and the color choices in them. Pick up your smartphone, and Google it. You will find lots of articles and pictures that will help you decide. You can also use the power of social media to search for ideas. Lahore architects say Instagram and Pinterest are your best picks if you want to skim through pictures and find the inspiration you need. Once you find what you have been looking for, all you need to do is get the paint done.

Look At Your Furniture

If the internet and the magazines have failed to inspire you, it is time to look at your house, the furniture, and other elements that you like in it. Pick anything that you like, like a sofa or a cushion, or your favorite rug or the artwork. Then choose three colors in these items that you really love. Once you have done that, you need to go to a superstore or any paint shop from which you want to buy the paints. Get the color strips matching the colors you picked. You have 15 to 18 colors from which you can select. Now the color is decided, all you have to find is the shade you like the most from the options available. If you are getting your house designed and constructed by an architectural design firm in Pakistan, you can also take help from them.

Choose Colors That Match The Feeling You Want


It is a proven fact that colors can affect our psychology and mood. When you are choosing the colors for your house, do not forget to consider the feel you want to have in the room. Almost every construction company in Pakistan chooses neutral colors if you leave the decision to them because they create a neutral effect and do not really interfere with the mood. But if you are choosing your colors, you really should consider the purpose for which the room will be used. For rooms, where you will hold gatherings and dinners, like the living room, you should really go with bright colors. Bright colors are also a good fit for children’s rooms, but you can go with serene colors too. Similarly, you can also use serene colors in your bathroom to have a spa-like experience. The point is that you ought not to choose the color which won’t fit with the mood later on, so pay attention to this detail.

Decide The Finishing You Want


Once you have chosen all the colors you want, the next step is to decide on a finishing that will help create a visually appealing effect. Nowadays, paints have a stronger stain resistance than ever. However, for a better appeal, almost every Pakistani interior designer recommends using an eggshell finish, also known as a satin finish. If you want to apply a gloss finish, it looks best on the trims where it can enhance the look of the moldings. For an extraordinary look, you can use a flat finish on one wall and a glossy finish on the other creating a velvet effect. In this way, you can achieve a matte and sheen contrast too. If you want to draw attention to a particular side of the house, give it a more glossy finish. Strategically use the finish to create focal points, create contrast, and amplify the look of your home.

Color Recommendations From Interior Decorators In Pakistan


Finally, we have some color recommendations for your modern home design in Pakistan. These will help you pinpoint colors for individual rooms and moods. For social rooms, such as living, dining, and kitchen, choose bright colors like coral, daffodil-yellow, cranberry. Similarly, cooler colors like blue, sage-green, violet are better for a serene ambiance and a relaxing private room like a bedroom, powder room, etc. Yellow is said to have an effective stimulation for creative parts of the brain and helps increase productivity, so you should choose a shade of yellow to paint your study room or home office. For a timeless appeal, shades of grey, white and beige are your best picks.

To conclude, choosing a color is an arduous task because a long list of different colors is available, but remember there are only seven colors. If you know which color to choose from the seven base colors i.e., violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, selecting a shade will be easier. Another pro-tip is to look at the hues from darkest to lightest. You will eliminate the colors you don’t want a lot faster this way. In the end, choose what you like and what will look best according to you.