While having our interior wall paint job done, we are not only supposed to pick the color that would best contrast with our furniture but we also have to seriously consider the type of finish. While choosing the finish type for your interior wall painting, you need to consider various factors, majorly the amount of light it reflects. At some situations, we need a wall that absorbs light whereas at other scenario, we need walls that reflect light and make the room brighter than before. The best idea would be hiring the services of a professional interior designer such as Amer Adnan Associates, who can help you choose the best paint color and finish type for your home walls as he is the best architect in Pakistan. So, before you get into the process of choosing the right kind of wall paint finish, here are details of different kinds of wall paint finishes:

Flat Type Finish

The flat type wall paint has the quality of reflecting little and even no light at all, if it is done in matte finish. The patched, blemished and uneven walls are best places to use flat finish paints. This kind of paint is more porous than any other types of paints. The experts recommend not using the flat paint at high-traffic and high-humidity areas such as bathrooms or kitchens. The best thing about flat finish is that it’s easy to touch-up, in case any stains occur.

Eggshell finish

The paint with eggshell finish has ability to reflect more light as compared to the flat paints. It boasts a subtle shine that is just like an egg’s shell. The eggshell finish paint is a good choice for use in rooms, despite having the need to be cleaned often. The places such as kids’ room, above the stove etc. which are more exposed to dust, are not recommended for eggshell finish paints.

Satin finish

The satin type is amongst the most popular and stylish paint finish in the new era. It comes with a velvety texture and a softer sheen. The expert interior designers and home construction companies around the world recommend satin finish paint job for hallways, kids’ rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. The satin paint is not much glossy and when it comes to maintenance, it is not easy to touch it up as compared to flat or eggshell finishes.

Semi-gloss finish

The paint with semi-gloss finish rolls on easily however, is difficult to touch up. This paint is strong and durable and can easily withstand scrubbing and cleaning job. The walls with major imperfections are not good for semi-gloss finish, since it will make them more visible, instead of hiding them. The semi-gloss paint reflects and light and makes your home interior look brighter.

High-gloss finish

If you want your walls to be highly reflective and your home to be extremely brighter, you should choose high-gloss finish paint for your walls. The high gloss paint leaves behind lacquer-like sheen. It is also best for use on furniture, cabinets and other accessories in your home. However, before choosing high-gloss finish paint for any room in your home, you should analyze different sources of light in that room, since this paint can sometimes reflect undesired amount of light and can also highlight imperfections on the wall.

Every kind of paint finish has its own benefit and specialty, so you should hire the services of a professional interior designer in Pakistan, who will help you choosing the right type of wall finish for each of your rooms.