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How to Add Colour to a Dull Interior

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5 years ago

The energy and ambience created by the outlook and design of your house plays an imperative role in the way you feel. If you feel stressed and anxious even after coming to the comfort of your house, then perhaps the interior of your house is pulling you down.

Interior Decorators in Lahore strongly recommend sources of natural light in the house as it is a key element in filling your home with some positive energy. People tend to respond and behave in a positive manner in a house which has plenty of natural light and greenery as opposed to homes that have a dull ambience. Regardless of what theme and style you have set the interior of your house in line with, there is always room to brighten up and uplift the atmosphere.

To begin with, it is best to spot the dark and dull areas of your house – ones that can definitely use some help. If a room or corner of your house seems to lack colour and light be it through the colour of the paint used or the furniture in that area, identify the factor that is the culprit for turning the space into a black hole and then aim to fix it or replace it altogether. One means of adding colour to a dull interior is through natural light, so see if you can allow a means of natural light sources into the dark area of your house. It is often also noted that the addition of some natural indoor plants can add a great deal of energy and boost the overall feel of the house tremendously.

If you have designed your house to look super sophisticated by using a dark colour palette on the walls, floors and ceilings accompanied by dark colour furniture – although it may look very rich and fancy but it can also create a gloomy and claustrophobic impact if not balanced correctly. Therefore, consider adding some warm lights that are strategically placed to maintain the royal look. There are several creative lighting fixtures available that may be placed on the ceilings or the floor edges such as under cabinet lighting or pendant fixtures that have a soft glow.

Another means of adding colour to a dull interior can be by placing some vibrant coloured furniture or décor items in the room. You don’t necessarily have to repaint the entire room with bright colours, all you need to do is pick and place the right object in the right colour. The colours that are used in a room directly impact the mood and behavior of the people in the room. Certain colours have universally accepted traits that have a strong impact on the way a person behaves or thinks. For instance, yellow is known to be a source of happiness. Green promotes relaxation; it is the colour that brings peace to the eyes.

Therefore, it is perhaps time to take control and transform that dull area of your house and turn it into a lively and comfortable space. Strategic use of colours and décor items along with smartly placed furniture, can compliment a lively interior with much ease and creativity.

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