As the green-living trend is getting more and more popularity across Pakistan, people prefer getting their homes constructed with more of natural green building materials – like wood. When used in the construction of a house, the wood is first cut into logs which are installed in different orders and designs on walls, floors and ceilings.

Why is Wood Preferred?
The reason for which the wood is preferred over all other green building materials is its high insulation. In experts’ views, when it is cut into the logs of over 20 cm diameters, it shows more resistance to heat and cold. The natural composition of wood enables it to store a lot of heat, cold and noise, which is the reason why it is excessively used in the construction of houses and commercial buildings.

Hire the Services of a Construction Company

For a log house construction, you also need to hire the services of a construction company in Pakistan because doing this will not only take off stress from your shoulders but would also ensure quality construction work, done by experienced professionals.

In Pakistan, a house is not built solely from logs; instead you have to use various other construction materials like sheet metals and other roofing resources like shingles. However, in hilly green areas of Pakistan you may witness many of the houses which are constructed with 80% of wood.

Duration for the Construction of a Normal-Size House

The duration of construction for a traditional log house involves four to six months but it can take longer if you want to give your residence a more stylish and luxurious feel. Moreover, there are several other factors such as – climatic conditions of the area, the season of construction, the availability and skills of the workforce, which affect the overall construction period.


Foundation of a log house is not much different from that of a brick house because you also need to use a concrete base. However, here you cannot make the footings just by looking at the overall weight of the house; instead the soil in the foundation lets you decide about the type and size of the foundation.

Wall Construction

Whatever type of foundation you make, you cannot start a wall construction with logs because the humidity, rain water and water splashes can affect the wood, by ruining its took as well as functionality. Therefore, better construct an 18 inches wall from concrete blocks or stones—on which you can stand your wall by joining logs through nailed mortises and tenons. The log construction differs in a way that you can join the pieces using notch joints at the end and then place them on the concrete wall. For the windows and doors, you can leave a space as you do in a brick house construction. If the home is built on a crawl-space foundation, you can use piers around the perimeter which are meant to provide support to roof.

The Roof

The construction of roof starts with rafters which make the whole shape and basic structure of the roof. Once you are done with rafters’ placement, the next step is to place roofing boards or sarking over them which are fixed through nailing. Most of the time a single center pillar or more are used to give support to the logs roof so that it could stand firm. Usually, such roofs are not given a flat shape; instead they are constructed in a way that they resist the water and snow accumulation.


It is not necessary that you use the same type of floor in all areas. The best way is to see the usage, advantages and disadvantages of every type of wood, before you apply them. You can cut the logs in different styles and get your house floor designed in a modern way. An interior designer in Pakistan can suggest you various options.

Termite infestation is one of the biggest concerns of log homes; therefore, once you are done with construction work. Get a proper termite protection treatment, as it helps increasing the life of your sweet home.