Clear the Clutter Challenge!

Answer the following questions to find out how neat your home is.


Q1)  Who do you share your home with?

  1. It is just me.
  2. I share my home with my pet dog and/or cat.
  3. It is just me and my spouse.
  4. It is a full house – the kids, the cat, the in-laws, the spouse. . . (You get the picture).

For Questions 2 to 5, add up the points to get your final clutter score.


Q2) When stepping out of the house, how long does it take you to find your keys and wallet?

  1. 30 Seconds (2 Points)
  2. 15 minutes (4 Points)
  3. An hour (6 Points)
  4. A decade (8 Points)


Q3) Is there a spare bedroom, storeroom or basement space that you cannot use because it is full of random items? 


  1. Can’t relate. I get rid of things that are no longer required. (2 Points)
  2. I have space to fit in a few more things. It’s all under control. (4 Points)
  3. It could be better. Hard to find stuff in there. (6 Points)
  4. Help! I can barely open the door, it is so jam-packed with odds and ends. (8 Points)


Q4) Where do you put your spare clothes?

  1. In the closet. (2 Points)
  2. On my bed. (4 Points)
  3. On the floor. (6 Points)
  4. Wherever I can find a space to stuff them. (8 Points)


Q5) Complete the sentence: When I walk into my room the first thing I usually do is…

  1. Admire the impeccably clean room. (2 Points)
  2. Look at the small pile of laundry to put away. (4 Points)
  3. Kick aside the stuff in my path. (6 Points)
  4. Trip and fall over a pillow or carton. (8 Points)


“Less is More”

Before discussing the results, let’s see how a minimalist lifestyle can impact modern house design in Pakistan. Minimalism, as an approach applied to architecture and interior design, means the creation of spaces that allow one to live simply and meaningfully. Rampant consumerism has most of us conditioned to believe that ownership and excess will lead to satisfaction. Nothing could be farther from the truth!  The accumulation of items that will only be used one or for a limited time leads to clutter, which in turn results in discontentment. A clutter-free home sets the tone for a more content, relaxed and anxiety-free lifestyle.


It’s Result Time

Remember: Depending on how many people (or pets) cohabitate  with you, your space requirements will expand or contract accordingly.


  • Neat Freak (Score of 10 or less)

If your final score is 10 or less, Congratulations! You are a total neat freak. Your house is free of any physical clutter, but you might still be holding onto some emotional clutter.

  • A Little Sloppy (Score of 12- 19)

You live in the moment, so chances are your house is slightly neglected and on the disorganised side. There is hope though! Apply the KonMari Method and your house will be in good order within days.

  • Paging for Help! ( Score of 20 and more)

If your score is 20 and more, it is time to call in an organisation consultant and start the decluttering process now.

Adopting a minimalist lifestyle doesn’t have to be a case of all or nothing.  You are in charge of designing your life as you best see fit.