People leave no stone unturned when it comes to buying a house. Not only they spend money, but they devote time to select the perfect abode in an ideal location before adorning it with all the accessories to make it a home. The same approach should be used when designing or choosing an office space in order to find the perfect workplace that resonates with your company culture.

Gone are the days when companies used to pick a random space and turn it into their office as more and more businesses are reforming with modern workplace designs. These designs not only look amazing, but are proffering undeniable benefits to the office space environment.

However, the cost involved makes many business owners scoff and ceases them from improving their profits and ROI. Certainly, it takes money to upgrade to a modern office design, but this doesn’t mean you have to spend Google-level amounts.

Here AmerAdnan Associates has revealed some of the best practices to show you how companies can reap benefits from modern design without blowing their budget.

Sustainable Design Lowers Cost

Striving to go green with office design can save some serious cash for companies in the long run. Small changes such as using solar power, insulation, energy-efficient windows and water saving techniques can make an office space more economical.

If sustainable efforts are made on a larger scale companies can save even more cash. Didn’t get my point?

A study by showed, by adopting a sustainable office space design businesses can bring their annual energy cost down by 30-50 percent. So choose your building material judiciously as it can make a significant impact on sustainability.

Better Space Better Productivity

More companies are now choosing modular design for their office spaces. WHY? Because it allows them to adapt and change the settings according to business needs. But, how design affects employees’ performance in a workplace?

Judith Heerwagen, a research psychologist, has a perfect answer for this. According to her, “If employees are more comfortable, they’re able to focus more on work” instead of focusing on cold hands or other things.

Research conducted by US News reaffirms this fact that inadequate design negatively affects employees’ productivity. Whereas companies that work towards creative office design to oblige their staff’s workplace needs observe an increase in their employees’ productivity and happiness.

Another study performed by National Institutes of Health proved that employees working in better space have lower cortisol levels (stress hormone) and heart rates as compared to the ones working in poor conditions.

Mind you, consistent elevated cortisol levels leads to graving health problems.

Contemporary Design Sparks Innovation

In Silicon Valley, companies firmly believes in innovation, performance, personal interactions, and tight correlations, which is why they are building offices reflecting this. Google’s new campus is exemplary in this regard. The new workplace of the search engine giant is explicitly designed to maximize personal interactions.

Yahoo has rescinded mobile work privileges as the chief human resource officer elucidated, “some of the best decisions and insights come from hallway and cafeteria discussions.”

Samsung, the leading smartphone maker, also intends to design its US headquarters in stark contrast to its hierarchy. The South Korean company revealed its new campus will have vast outdoor spaces between floors that will lure employees into public areas where executives hope their sales personnel and engineers will get to mingle. WHY?

Because “the most creative ideas aren’t going to come while sitting in front of your monitor,” says the vice president of Samsung Semiconductor, Scott Birnbaum.

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