Pakistan is one such country in the world, which is thriving even with all the speculations and international strikes affecting it. Experts are sometimes seen to be thoroughly amazed when they witness that despite of all the disastrous changes and fluctuating economy, Pakistan walks on its path to further development with its people working daily to earn their livelihood despite of all the hurdles and thus bearing the load of the economy.

Quite interestingly the real estate market of Pakistan is seen to be paving its way to further prosperity. Despite all the terrorism fears and other factors, people continue to look for a suitable and a rather secure investment option to funnel their investments and earn money therefore. And Pakistan real estate provides such investment haven to them. On an interesting property forum of, I observed that even the overseas Pakistanis were looking for property in Pakistan. From a different point of view, even the low salaries and high inflation rates are contributing to the uplift of the rental property market, as these factors are increasing the amount of tenants owing to the fact that most people fail to save money for a house due to the reasons mentioned afore.

The construction companies in Pakistan are contributing to the residential sectors of various cities, as they add new gated communities and residential societies which are being sold even as you read this article. The overseas Pakistanis are thoroughly interested in buying residential and commercial properties as they are mostly those who consider that there is no place like home. The overseas Pakistanis are forever trying to return to their beloved country and for that they enthusiastically invest in properties.

An interesting fact about the real estate market of Pakistan is that its prices are quite comparable to the prices of most of the villas in Dubai. If compared, the villas in the posh localities of Pakistan tend to be more expensive than those in Dubai in some cases. This is perhaps the basic spark which makes even the developers of Dubai to consider developing on the soil of Pakistan because the profit margin is off the charts and the laws are much lenient as well.

Perhaps the main contributing factor of the maintenance of the property market of Pakistan is the mentality of its citizens. The people of Pakistan tend to live for their children rather than living for themselves. The basic aim of the life of every Pakistani father is to secure the future of his children and the most prominent contributor of financial stability, in Pakistan, is that every child should have a roof above his head. This is what every father strives for and it is precisely this practice which propels the property market of Pakistan to greater heights.