A long time back fire places were a simple yet hardworking part of the home, giving warmth the cold winter night or to heat broths and water. The point when the heater and gas appliances took control over those humble places, you may have thought the chimney might have gone for the good but that is not so.For many people the fire place stays as beguiling as ever: It’s an assembling spot for enlivening visitors, and in addition a spot to reflect the individuality.

“A chimney makes a mind-set; it sets the mood for the room, a chimney might be entrancing. You can lose all sense of direction in your considerations listening to the coals crackling “said Geno Benvenuti, president of Evanston-based Benvenuti and Stein, a private outline raise firm gaining practical experience in handcrafted cabinetry. Today’s fire places in Pakistan are an extravagant thing that include a component of warmth and style to any room. A hearth in another home ordinarily implies there was cash left in the plan to create an impression. A conventional chimney is made up of numerous components; some are ornamental, while others are useful. The firebox holds the blazing logs. Encompass ensures the divider around the firebox. A shelf furnishes a ledge for enlivening questions or for hanging Christmas tights. Block and stone have long been top picks for fire place encompasses, keeping in mind they are still prevalent, materials, for example encaustic tiles, rock and travertine are springing up around fireboxes. A shelf is noncompulsory; a few property holders are swearing off them for a clean and straightforward look. The firebox additionally arrives in a mixture of shapes and sizes, from customary extents to new direct outlines, which supplement advanced inner parts.

What to do when an existing fire place no more extends with a revamped inner part? Architectural firm in lahore, for example Amer Adnan Associates furnish a fix by blanket existing encompasses with hand crafted stone polishes. Clients likewise call the firm to spiff up stripped down fire places in new-development homes. Present day chimneys are the ideal supplement to open floor plans and are certain to summon consideration.

There are two types of fire places being used in Pakistan these days:

  • Handmade chimneys are produced out of block or stone.
  • Produced chimneys are made with sheet metal fiery breakout boxes.

Handmade and pre-assembled chimneys might be energized with wood, characteristic gas, biomass and propane fuel sources. Vent less Fireplaces (channel free/room-venting chimneys) are energized by either gel, fluid propane, packaged gas or common gas. Over the time fire places have transformed from one of need to one of visual investment. Early ones were more fire pits than cutting edge chimneys. They were utilized for warmth on icy days and nights, and in addition for cooking. They additionally served as an assembling place inside the home. These fiery breakout pits were more often than not focused inside a room, permitting more individuals to assemble around it.

Numerous flaws were discovered in fire place plans. The mechanical upheaval came with substantial scale lodging improvements, blocking an institutionalization of fire places.

Some chimney units consolidate a blower which exchanges a greater amount of the chimney’s high temperature to the air through convection, bringing about an all the more equitably warmed space and an easier warming load. Chimney proficiency can additionally be expanded with the utilization of a fire back, a bit of metal that sits behind the fiery breakout and reflects warm glow into the room. Fire backs are customarily created out of solid metal, however are additionally produced from stainless steel.

At Amer Adnan Associates we try and build fire places/chimney’s that create a non-hostile environment for you and your family. We work with design and concept to make sure that from pre made to custom made you get something you can actually use. Yes, they are indeed to look good at but who says you cannot blend design and efficiency together. Our designers are in constant touch with new technology and new ways to create these fire places according to room, it’s location in the house and how much of use it would be. If its just for ornament sake we strongly advise against it but when it suits your purpose and need we recommend the best there is.