It seems that beauty salon owners in Pakistan are taking more risks than commercial and residential dwelling owners when it comes to adapting unique and chic designs for their shops. The main aim of the salon owners is to foster a genuine unique environment where their customers feel welcome.

Here the question arises, does it worth taking such a risk?

Well, it does.

Don’t agree with us, consider this instance:

How many customers would pay you 500 Rs. for a simple hair wash if you are running a poorly designed parlor out of your home?

Your answer would definitely be none.

In order to get the right amount for your services – hair, makeup, conditioning, coloring, skincare, waxing, and facials – it’s critical to transform your tired home-like environment into a refreshing and inspirational one.

However, the biggest challenge of designing a beauty salon is not just choosing a chic and modern design, but to opt for a practical design solution. WHY?

More style stations mean more revenue. Yet, you don’t want to cram the space with too many workstations.

If you are struggling for ideas, then hiring a professional architecture company in Lahore to design your salon is not out of question. Here is how an interior designer can aid you:

i.    Bearing your premises in mind, the design firm will talk you through the practical options.

ii.    Your interior designer will point out how far the first styling unit should be from the wall or window and what distance subsequent units should maintain from it.

iii.    The designer will make certain how much working space should be left from the unit to the back of the stylist.

iv.    In case, you want to incorporate island styling unit in a small space, your interior designer can suggest you a fitting solution.

v.    You won’t have to pore over different light styles to achieve that perfect atmosphere. It’s the designer’s job to suggest whether it’s the hang task lights, wall-mounted or other light style that’ll work best for you to create the right ambience.

vi.    Your interior designer in Pakistan will also help you choose the best electrical wire, cable and switches for your salon that will extend your electrical appliances life and keep them safe all the time.

vii.    Not only your design firm will acquaint you with the latest upholstery trends, but suggest you materials and colors that actually work for a hardworking hair salon where stains will occur.

viii.    In case, you have a small shallow salon the construction company will trick the eye by using a mirrored wall to ‘double’ your space.

ix.    Concealing the ugly pipe work for wash section and gaining handy storage space always concerns salon owners. A qualified construction firm can resolve these issues by opening your eyes to new ideas.

x.    First impression is the last impression in most cases. Professional designers are well versed with this fact and they ensure your reception or any other area shouldn’t be a late addition.

xi.    Professional help will again come in handy if you want to create break ups without reducing your space. The designers uses different color schemes and partitions effectively to design various sections within a salon.

xii.    Last but not least, you can even seek advice on buying salon furniture from your design firm.