With the increasing trend of hiring architectural and interior designing firms in Pakistan, the homeowners are intended towards building larger houses with fabulous outdoor spaces in a bid to enjoy a smarter living style.

Which kind of architectural and interior designing elements are essential to make your living style more comfortable and smart? Although, a kitchen, a dining room and other linked areas  you also see in a conventionally built and designed home but the essentials which transform your house from an ordinary to a smart residence, include – a beautiful garden and a fabulous swimming pool and the list goes on as you keep shifting towards a cooler life style.

Let’s say you want to add a swimming in the backyard of your house, this is certainly a good idea to promote a comfortable living. Here is what you need to do to give practical implementation to your ideas.

Choosing the Shape

There are available a number of choices when it comes to choosing a particular shape for your swimming pool. You can pick square shape, rectangular, round, 8-shape or L-shape swimming pool for your house. However, this is not only about your likeness, but you also need to see, which shape and size best suits your area.

Which Type of Pool to Choose for Your House?

The style of a pool depends largely upon the type of construction materials used in its making. In a modern house construction in Pakistan, a swimming pool serves to be a style statement and it is built by the professionals, who use first class materials and methods in its construction. It is all your choice whether you want to include sun desks, tanning ledges, waterfalls, bubblers, fountains, water arcs and zero entry. A more automatic and advance level swimming pool allows you to control water temperature, lights, music, the pool cover and various other things. Moreover, instead of using simple lights, you can use LED lights in white or any other sparkling color.  However, to add more automatic features, you need to have enough finances.

Above Ground Pools

As the name indicates, these are above the ground pools made up of metal or fiberglass walls, which are coated with vinyl liner and are placed on a sand foundation. These are not so expensive and last for few years. Their types vary from simpler to complex depending upon the  different shapes.

On Ground Pools

These are constructed the same way as the above ground pools but are half inside the yard and give a look of built-in pools. The only edge these have over the above mentioned type of pool is the greater flexibility of designing and landscaping around them. In-ground pools cost higher than that of the above ground pools.

In-Ground Pools

From the name you can well analyze that the type of pools completely lies inside the ground in your yard, over which a vinyl liner or concrete form is poured. These types of pools cost a bit more than the above mentioned two types but being inside the ground these give a true feel of natural environment inside your house. In a modern house construction in Lahore, you will see most of the in-ground pools, as these add value to a house gorgeous outdoor.

Whatever, the design and style of a pool you want to choose for your outdoor, don’t forget to take the advice of a professional and also make a proper analysis of your budget.