Unless we are trained to be designers, all of us are prone to make mistakes while decorating our house. Which is why you will be shocked to read these common house designing myths as chances are that you also believe them to be true. There are many misconceptions related to home decor, which we all have believed for years, like:

White makes a room look bigger

White is a very good color for many reasons, but making your room look big is not one of them. It does serve to be a good color because it matches with all the colors and gives room to be flexible with your color choices. It is also a peaceful color; but, white is also boring and typical. So, if you want to paint your small rooms in white because you think it will make it look big, you are wrong.

You must match everything in the room

Matching FurnitureThere is a slight truth to this myth and everything in your room should go with each other, but matching everything is wrong. It doesn’t mean that if you have a modern themed room you can’t have an antique style decorative item, or you should have silver colored curtain, sheets and carpets. Things in your room should go together but they don’t have to exactly match.

The ceilings should be white

So, we get back to the color white. This myth is so widely believed that you would often find rooms with extremely dark walls with white ceilings. According to many famous interior designers in Pakistan, there are not any advantages of having a white ceiling. Yes, a slightly lighter shade will make the room slightly bigger, but that color doesn’t have to be white.

To be trendy; follow the contemporary style

contemporary styleBeing outdated is one thing, but for having a trendy home you don’t necessarily have to follow everything that you see in a magazine. Many great interior decorators in Lahore like Amer Adnan, emphasize the fact that you must consider the sustainability of a design first before choosing it. What is the point of choosing an ultramodern design if it is not going to last for even a month? So if you think a design is not going to last, don’t choose it.

It’s either too expensive or too cheap

Many people believe that there are two ways of going around home décor: you spend too much money or you buy cheap things at a low price, there is no mid way. This is the worst misconception to believe in. If you do your research well, you can get good quality items at a reasonable price. All it takes is some effort on your part.

Over accessorizing is good

Over Accessive DecorHere in this blog we have discussed many times that over accessorizing is a home decor sin, but unfortunately we all think by putting everything on display we will make our room stylish. Too much decoration is annoying, uncomfortable and it makes your room claustrophobic.