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Having a Closer Look at Your Home Construction Quality

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8 years ago

Whether you are planning to buy a ready-made home for you or you are hiring the services of a construction company for the purpose, you are always concerned about the quality of its construction since this is going to be one of the biggest investments you make in your life. Although modern technologies and innovations have greatly improved home construction processes across the world yet people are often found complaining about the low quality construction and workmanship which are a result of the negligence from their contractors. The low quality construction is also often a result of the corruption coupled with deliberate violation of building codes from the contractors in greed to make more profits out of the contract. This not only results in compromise on quality of materials used in home construction but also makes structures more susceptible to structural and safety malfunctions. A building constructed with a low quality material becomes a danger for its inhabitants as well as for the people living in its immediate surroundings.

Unfortunately a lay person won’t be able to figure out the construction quality of a house however he/she can hire the services of a reputable construction company in Pakistan to evaluate and review the quality and type of construction for certain building. Apart from the complex things involved in the evaluation of a building’s construction quality, here are a few things that a professional architect or construction consultant would look for:

Soil Investigation:

It is really important for a person to check out the soil on which a building is being constructed. The quality of a soil depends on its composition which is usually different from place to place. For example, if we talk about the clay rich soil, it has the tendency to expand or shrink in accordance with the environmental conditions especially moisture. Therefore before starting construction process, the reputable construction companies conduct soil test.

The Structural Design:

The structural design does matter a lot when it comes to the longevity and quality of a building. The building needs to be designed in a way that it can withstand at least minor earthquakes or shocks. The standard buildings can easily withstand an earthquake of up to 4.0 magnitude or even more.

Concrete Mix:

The durability and safety of your home building depends greatly on the strength of concrete. It is really important to create a super solid concrete and used standardized and recommended quantity of materials to ensure smoother and more durable structure. The professional architects and builders make use of ready-mix during building construction in Pakistan as the best and safest solution.

Wall Thickness:

Many contractors try making more profits by reducing the thickness of walls when they construct homes as well as commercial buildings which is a constant threat to the people living in and around the building. The builders must mention the width of walls when they finalized the layout plans and should visit the site often to make sure that things are done accordingly.

The Fixtures:

The bathroom fittings, electrical fittings, wiring, woodwork, flooring etc. are the things that are included in fixtures and they are really important to check before you purchase a home. In case you are getting a new home constructed, buy fixtures by yourself to ensure best products being fitted in your bathrooms, living room and bedrooms.

The Finishing Touch

After having done with the construction and fixtures, it is time for you to give your home a finishing touch. The marbles, paints and plaster need to be of topnotch quality. The poor quality paints may save you a few rupees however you will have to replace them very early and will leave you regretting afterwards. So choose the best quality paints for your home to ensure longevity.

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