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Have a Seat: Seating Options for Luxury Homes

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4 years ago

Gone are the days when a construction company in Lahore built outdated residences for unsuspecting clients. Homeowners know exactly what they want when they commission construction in Lahore on their new villa. To take some liberty with a famous saying, luxury is also in the details! It is those little particularities that distinguish a custom-designed villa from a cookie-cutter house. The same concept applies to furnishing those luxury homes. Interior designers often recommend that their clients opt for custom-built furniture. Why go for a mass-produced recliner set when you can commission a one-of-a-kind wing chair?

Imagine this: the final coat of paint has dried, the movers have been booked and the mailing address has been updated – your family is almost ready to move in. As you scan down the to-do list, there is one task left – getting the seating sorted for the new house.  The seating requirements are bound to vary depending on the room to be furnished. If it’s the master bedroom, you might be in the market for a bedroom bench. If it’s the family room, you may be searching for an L-shaped sofa with detachable ottomans.


A bedroom, called by any other name, is essentially a sanctuary. A refuge from the demands of adulthood and the taxing workday. While the trendy designs may keep changing, the basics tend to stay the same.  Word of caution: avoid using leather in the bedroom, especially if you live in a region with a tropical climate.

If it isn’t a shared space, the ideal seating addition would be an armchair. You can make it is as soft and comfy as you want, cover it with a nice vibrant color or even a light one if that goes with the theme of your room. Select a cutesy owl-print cushion and accessorize the armchair with a soft velvet sofa throw. If you are a bookworm, add on a footrest and set up a lamp on the side. However, if you are sharing the bedroom, start with a two-seat couch or a bench in front of the bed. They will look chic while providing a handy spot for lacing up your shoes.

If you are the outdoorsy type and have a balcony, you’re in luck! Bring home a swing chair.  You can now spend your free time swinging back-and-forth while enjoying the evening breeze.



The lounge area is more of an all-purpose family room where people eat, nap, watch TV,  and even play board games. It is essentially the house’s epicentre, so comfortable seating should be plentiful. A two or three-seater couch in the lounge is a good place to start. Go for an L-shaped sofa as  there’s room for everyone on there – even the cat! You can also add a classic diwan or a Victorian fainting couch  to one side of the lounge. Traditionally-embroidered floor cushions of various sizes can accommodate the entire family on movie nights. If you have a fireplace, keep small backless stools in front of it and enjoy your winter dry fruits there.

Leisure Rooms

  •      Dining Rooms


You can experiment as much as you want with your dining chairs. Arm chairs, side-chairs or even backless stools would look great. Mix them up! Add a pair of benches if you want the room to have a more casual look. Go for vibrant colors when covering the dining room chairs with fabric. Darker colored chair covers, with stain-proof treatment, are more likely to survive spills and drips on a daily basis. Play it safe and you will not be sorry!                      

  •      Drawing Rooms

This is usually the most pristine, yet least used room in every house.  Opt for lighter color tones for drawing room sofas as they bring an understated elegance. Go for plush, velvet pillows and sofa fabric on at least one of the side-chairs. A Chesterfield sofa, a chaise or even a settee are all sophisticated seating options for the drawing room area.

Outdoor Seating

Outdoor Seating

Whether it is the rooftop for mid-summer night parties, an afternoon at the pool side or just a regular tea in the garden, the first thing your furniture should be is weather-resistant. With mercurial weather like ours, it is unwise to select rich fabric coverings for outdoor furniture pieces. Keep it light (on your wallet) and easy (on the maintenance side) by choosing pre-treated, waterproof fabrics.  Free standing hammocks can be put up just about anywhere, from the patio to the corner of the lawn. If the patio area is covered, you can add a few flat cushions or low stools around the bonfire spot.

Whether you’re renovating an existing house or building a brand new one, the tiniest of decisions make a big impact on the final product. Even something as apparently mundane like chairs and sofas. When you are building a house you want it to be perfect, so make sure you pay attention to every little detail – every decoration piece, every fabric matters. Keep searching until you find the right architectural design firm in Pakistan that can construct the luxury home of your dreams.

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