There is nothing better than a good night sleep and only a topnotch bed has the ability to make a big difference. Do you know that a right bed and mattress can add up to an extra hour of sleep every night? This major piece of home furniture is way more than just a place to sleep on. It is your personal haven where you need to feel the most comfortable and relaxed in the world.

Moreover, a bed is one of your major investments, not just because you spend one third of your life in it but also because you need to keep yourself medically fit and sound. The orthopedic doctors around the world strongly recommend purchasing beds and mattresses that are not only made for comfortable sleeping, but also ensure proper orthopedic safety for you. The furnishing experts like AmerAdnan recommends changing a bed at least after every seven to ten years because the material usually starts deteriorating after ten years.

Whether you are refurnishing your bedroom or experiencing uncomfortable sleep, you must consider a few really important factors before finalizing a new bed and mattress for you. There are many different types of beds available in the market that mainly include bedsteads, divan sets, storage beds, guest beds and others however, you need to pick the right one to suit your sleeping needs.


BedsteadsThe bedsteads are designed to fully support the mattress. They are usually made of wooden slats, but some of them also come with systems that include rigid or flexible wire mesh. The bedsteads are one of the best choices for all those who are worried about access. The bedsteads have limited storage space beneath the frame however, they are compatible with a wide range of mattresses.

Divan Beds

Divan BedsThe divan beds are usually the most convenient to move around the house, especially the ones with split bases. Generally, they have built-in storage space in their bases. The sturdiness of divan beds makes them last longer than the traditional beds. This kind of bed usually come in two primary styles that include the sprung edge divan beds and the platform top divan beds. Those with sprung edge are made especially for added comfort, whereas the ones with platform top are good for providing a supportive feel.

Adjustable Base Beds

Adjustable Base BedsThe adjustable beds are manufactured especially for people with extraordinary comfort expectations. As the name suggests, they have adjustable build that is motor controlled. These mechanical beds can be fully controlled as per comfort needs. Available in single, double or individually adjustable halves, these beds are also an ideal choice for people with special medical needs. The key purpose of adjustable base beds is to fulfill customized comfort requirements of anybody who uses them.