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Go retro- ideas for decorating your house vintage style

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9 years ago

Old is gold and vintage is classy. Where a contemporary styled house appears chic and trendy, it does not match up with the timelessness of a retro style house. It gives your house an old school, yet cozy and eternal look. Here are some retro looks frequently chosen by famous interior designers in Lahore:

The groovy 70s

When we think about the 70s, we get an image of bell bottoms, funky sunglasses, long side buns and colorful short shirts. Just imagine, how a 70s style house would be? It would be funky, groovy and super cool. A 70s style home would have a lot of greens, olives, oranges and copper. Don’t worry about small details here, be daring and bold. However, don’t go all gaudy and super vibrant. You are going for a funky look not a neon one, so avoid blue based colors. Get walls in dull orange, olive or beige and get funky colored sheets and covers. But make sure that you add in a lot of coppers. Go for big chunky metal decoration items. Don’t leave your walls bare, instead choose stylish wall papers to match with the chunky decoration and furniture.

The swinging 60s

The 60s styled house has some elements of the 70s but it is more toned down and inclined towards being jazzy. Instead of going for groovy colors, go with dulls and golds. Printed sofa covers along with dull walls and funky covers and curtains define a 60s style house. Choose large lamps and big chunky chandeliers to further enhance the look. Many best interior designers in Pakistan suggest that you can add posters of 60s artists and models to further give a 60s feeling. For a more perfect look, place old 60s styled telephone and decorative items on your bed sides and tables.

The disco 80s

80s was a decade of fun, party and disco. People of that era were bold and weren’t afraid to step out of their comfort zones. The fashion of that era was bizarre, yet bold and very liberating. A 80s style house was very different from a contemporary house. It has unusual colors like teal, powder pink and mauve, and the decorations were funky and gaudy. Bedrooms were designed in a monochrome theme and decorative items were unusual yet bold and colorful. The overall appearance of the house screamed of disco and fun. Interior designers in Pakistan advice that you place records and large stereos and tape recorders to celebrate this era of gaudy fashion and eccentric-ness.


The awesome 90s

We all remember the amazing 90s. This era represents the end of cassettes, VHS tapes large computers and television screens. In short, all the cool things we had before entering into the digital world ended in this decade. To honor this era, design your house in dull and floral pattern. Since half of the era was represented by rock and the other half with pop music, add both elements in the house. Don’t go all gaudy with the shades, but don’t be very dull either. Pick any TV-show from the 90s and you will understand what I mean. Get patterned sofas and curtains with dull and bare walls. Add in posters of famous shows and celebrities of that era for a more 90-sh look.

The last four decades of the previous millennium were amazing- so honor them by decorating your house in that way.