A homeowner of a newly built home often experiences emotional fulfillment and a sense of pride that only fellow homeowners can understand. Having the home of your dreams built may seem impossible as a person has to thoroughly think about a lot of things before construction begins. Before one jumps to deciding the aesthetics and interior decoration, it’s important to take time out to research what building a home actually involves. There are several global requirements which will influence your decision in building a home.  Consider the budget, location, plot size, family size, future requirements, maintenance, and design implementation.

Deciding the budget is the largest decisional factor a person encounters. Depending upon the size and availability of capital, one may proceed with designing the floor plan or they may come to halt and decide to utilize the money elsewhere. It is a norm for one to encounter cost overruns due to problems related to unforeseen problems, overspending the allowance and making changes to the plan. One ought to look at ideal homes which are already built to get a ballpark figure of what it cost to purchase the land and construction costs.  A contractor usually charges upon the square footage of the house. It is, therefore, important to talk to several contractors to get an idea what the estimated cost of the finished square footage. The design implementation will depend upon the materials used for construction. Asking for the material list gives you an idea what will be used and what its costs are.

Before construction begins, it is important to estimate the cost of preparing the site. The more work involved in clearing the site, the higher the expense. Site preparation involves clearing trees, hauling dirt and blasting big rocks.  Some sites are used as landfills and it is necessary to clear the debris. Building upon flat ground is the least expensive option. The size of the home and the features will also increase the cost of construction. It is also essential to understand the shape of your home will affect your budget. The budget will vary upon the materials and labor used whether the home is square in shape, has a dome, or has many angles.

Once the budget is estimated, one can decide which location is ample for their new home. It is advisable to build a home based upon its proximity to schools, marketplace, transit stops, banks, hospitals, parks, and other amenities.  Choosing the right location will preserve your sanity, money, gas and the amount of time it takes you to go from one area to the next. It is vital to find an infill site that has an existing structure for roads, wastewater, utility lines, and water. One should also keep in mind that building homes near the habitat of wild animals can endanger their own lives and endanger the species. It is equally important to avoid construction upon wetlands and agricultural land for the same reasons. At the same time, make sure not to purchase land which is susceptible to floods, and earthquakes. Avoid building upon steep slopes as you will increase your chances of encountering soil erosion and storm water runoff which causes flooding and even mudslides.

Determining what plot size is deal for you and your family depends upon deciding what it is you want your home to do for you. Large homes provide the space necessary to live luxuriously and can increase your sense of accomplishment. At the same time, there are many who will consider living in a small or medium sized home to be ideal. A homeowner will incur costs related to interior decoration, property taxes and repair and maintenance costs. Be aware these costs are proportional to the size of your house! Underestimating the expenses can endanger everything you worked so hard for.

It is a well-known fact that family size is shrinking over decades. In 1950, the average American family consisted of 3.6 people living in a 1,000 square foot house. In 2004, there were 2.7 people sharing a 2,400 square foot house. In other words, family size has shrunk by about 30% and the house size has increased by 240%. You can decide what house size is perfect by considering the number of people who are currently in your family. Also, keep in mind if you are expecting children or someone else to live with you. It would be wastage of money to build and maintain a large home if its rooms aren’t being utilized. You can use the money to build a right-size home for your family by focusing on the quality and design!

Homeowners often build new homes with the intention of selling it in the future. They design their homes according to design trends whose life is unpredictable. A few years ago, it was fashionable to have a game room but a theater room is the craze today. Families should build their new home according to what their immediate needs are. A typical family stays for a period of 7 to 10 years before they shift elsewhere. If a house is well-made, people will be interested in buying it regardless of its design. Some homeowners build their new home in such a way that a single-story house will convert into a two-story home. Perhaps their intention of building a bigger house will change in the future. If families want a bigger home, it would be better for them to sell the house instead of bearing the reconstruction costs. At the same time, families should invest in wiring their homes and making it eco-friendly by installing solar panels.

Once construction is completed, a family will move in. With usage, there will be apparent wear and tear. Maintenance cost is an expense, families should be aware of before construction commences. They should purchase cleaning supplies, tools and get contact information of professionals. There are various ways a house can be maintained. From mowing the lawn to changing the pool water in order to sanitize it for swimmers, there is a lot a new house will require homeowners to do. They can take D-I-Y classes but contacting professionals when things get out of hand is a good idea. Reliable professionals can handle complicated cases such as thawing a frozen pipe or inspecting a leaking roof. Homeowners should educate themselves about the various ways in which a new home will require maintenance.

The requirements necessitate homeowners to think thoroughly about building their new home. One may shy away from constructing a newly-built home as it is a taxing event in one’s life. Regardless of the patience and budget involved, homeowners will find the successful completion of their home a dream come true. Amer Adnan Associates want to bring your ideas come to life! We provide interior design, 3D and architectural design support to clients around the globe. We fulfill client’s demands and complete our project by the deadline. With over twenty-five projects to our name, clients from Europe, Asia and the Middle East are more than satisfied how we fulfilled their dreams and we want to do the same for you!