When most people think about a gorgeous house, basking in its glory, they probably picture a stunning elevation with large glass windows and tasteful embellishment of wood or stone. Perhaps they think of the landscape, with its sprawling lawns and flowering trees.

But does anyone think about the gate? That apparatus which separates your dream space from the world?

Probably not.

The front gate must be eye catching (but not garish), so people stop and appreciate it (because it is the first thing that greets them), rather than simply focus on what lies beyond.

Which is exactly what I had in mind when I worked on these wrought iron gates. They are loud, and decorative, with obvious hints of art deco inspired geometry. They demand attention (the good kind) and may garner several nods of appreciation (or amusement).

Unfortunately, the gates were to be attached to a tasteful but rather formal Spanish house, which is why most of the designs had to be dropped in favor of a much more traditional gate. But even so, one can add flair to anything, should they desire it. The evenly spaced wrought iron bars give ways to various sized iron rings, where the smallest dimension is that of your average teacup.

This was a very fun project to work on, because it shined light on a design element that is usually added out of necessity, or as an afterthought. Metal was curved, twisted and sliced (figuratively, on paper) to create these very groovy gates.

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