It is not necessary to think that you live in Pakistan and you cannot have something that comes from a UK or a USA magazine. The concept of people wanting things for their home these days has changed dramatically. People are more now into western ideas and standards of constructing homes. Ideas are evolving with personal touches hence creating a whole new look.

Clients as we call them are now more open to options that will last for the next 5 years to come, after all it is not easy renovating or remodeling a home every other year or so. So now the concept of sunrooms, solariums, garden spaces and back yards are more in than anything else. People want to make the most of the space they have usually its 1 kanal or 2. And if you have a clever architect then that space can be fitted in with these ideas as well. It’s all about whom you are paying and for what, one thing I can assure you of is we at Amer Adnan Associates  first listen to the concept of a home from your point of view. We know this is probably a onetime opportunity for you and you want it to be the best. So why not?

There are just some things you have to keep in mind and discuss with your architect so that he and you both understand where you are heading. You can grab a concept from any magazine or website and work with your architect around it so that from a technical point of view it’s all possible and from a personal point of view it’s applicable as well.

Times, technology and wishes have a whole new meaning now which means anything you want can be possible now; you only have to work around it to make it a reality.