Floor lamps have always remained one of the classic lighting products around. Their popularity has remained high since centuries and yet today, despite the advent of different types of modern lighting, the significance of floor lamps remains the same. These portable stand-alone lighting fixtures allow excellent lighting opportunities for studying, relaxing or just for a normal day at home.

The best thing about floor lamps is that they do not require any kind of installation; all you need is to plug them into the nearest electrical outlet. Quite a few people in the modern day are of the opinion that floor lamps have gone out of trend, however, the reality is otherwise. The floor lamps have not gone out of trend at all, in fact, have transformed in terms of designs and styles.

The interior designers in Pakistan are also using modern floor lamps to enhance interiors. But where can floor lamps be used?

Well, the floor lamps are versatile lighting equipment that work in all types of settings.

In Homes

The use of floor lamps can be placed in the drawing rooms and living rooms across. People who are seeking more ambient light for their drawing or living rooms consider floor lamps as their best bet. A floor lamp is usually placed close to the chairs, tables and couches in homes to serve as a task light. In the modern day, many new floor lamps for luxury homes in Pakistan are also available that allow changing of shades to produce different colors of light as well as illumination from different angles.

In Apartments

As we all know that apartments are usually short of space, there’s always a need for their residents to place things that are compact and portable. Drilling holes in the walls or hanging electrical cords can undoubtedly be a big nuisance for apartment owners. Once again, this is where the floor lamps jump in. As they do not require drilling or installation, floor lamps can be placed in bedrooms, playrooms, living rooms and just about everywhere in the apartments. Actually, they can be used in most apartment spaces to supplement existing light fixtures that cannot be changed.

At Offices

The floor lamps that come with pivoting arms offer a great deal of comfort at work spaces since they require special attention. They offer focused task lighting which is pretty important for people working in the office. Owing to the utility floor lamps offer, they are placed near desks to do what the smaller desk lamps cannot do. The best office floor lamps come with upward or downward adjustments in order to set the direction of light as per requirement.

Things to Consider When Buying Floor Lamps

There are many things that need to be taken into consideration as you plan on buying a floor lamp for your home or office lighting needs. The most important need you should consider is adjustability. This includes the ability of a lamp to be adjusted into different positions. The modern floor lamps are usually adaptable to various furniture arrangements and heights. Besides, they need to have dimmers that can allow you to adjust the brightness of light as per your custom requirements.

The material and color of a floor lamp are among the important factors to be considered. Some are made out of wood while others make use of different metals. Another really important aspect that requires consideration is the energy efficiency of a lamp; you need to know what type of bulbs can be used in floor lamps. It is important to use energy efficient bulbs in floor lamps to save as much electricity as possible.

Last but not least, one cannot ignore the style of a floor lamp. You need to make sure that the style of lamp you buy complements your room’s interior. A wise idea would be to acquire the services of professional interior designers to help you choose the best lighting for your home or office needs.