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Fitting Walk-in Closets into Modern Home Designs in Pakistan

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4 years ago

We have all been there – that moment when time stands still and all you can see is those pair of leather shoes. You must have them, so you end up making the purchase and taking them home. It is upon reaching your bedroom that you may realize that you have actually run out of storage space. This same scenario can occur whether your weakness is for limited-edition hardcover books, designer wear, or the latest electronics to reach the marketplace. With consultation from an experienced architectural design firm in Pakistan, you can reconfigure existing space in your house to create specialized storage areas like a walk-in closet! Despite the name “walk-in”, sometimes a “step-in closet” can do the job. Even if you believe there isn’t a spare centimeter in the entire residence , you can still avail the services of a construction company in Lahore to build an annexe with dedicated walk-in closets for your collectibles.

When an architect sets out to design a walk-in closet, there are endless options for homeowners to choose from. The most commonly-used closet layouts include the following:

A Place to Hang Your Hat: Wardrobe Organisation

From a cowboy hat to a pair of boots, your walk-in closet should have a hook, drawer, rack or shelf for every possible item of clothing. Decorated boxes come in handy while trying to store shawls, gloves or scarves. Full-length and half-length racks running along the widest part of the closet allow for easy outfit selection. You can organise your clothes  either by the type of garments, such as jeans in one corner, t-shirts in the opposite corner, and dress shirts in the third. To save even more time on a weekday morning, you can hang up pre-matched outfits by colors and hues. These can go from dark to light, or light to dark, depending on your preferences. Taking the input of an interior designer, your walk-in closet can include separator walls and see-through drawers for seasonal wardrobe storage.

Shades of Mahogany: Grand Walk-in Closets

Grand Walk in Closets

For a grand look, smart and sensible shelving can be replaced by carefully varnished, custom-built chest of drawers  in chestnut or mahogany wood. Wall-to-wall carpeting is swapped with high-quality wooden flooring and layered with the softest faux fur rugs in the marketplace. Next up are two types of mirrors: a full-length mirror to prevent wardrobe malfunctions and a smaller, vanity mirror with dressing-room quality lights all around. The grand walk-in closet requires either a satin-covered divan or a plush velvet loveseat sofa in the deepest of plums, rubies and emerald greens. To top it all off, add in a chandelier or Tiffany lamps for elegant illumination.

In the Spotlight: Lighting Options

The type of lighting installed in the walk-in closet can set the ambiance if that is desired. Mood lighting, such as soft, warm lamps with fabric lampshades, lends an old-school finesse. In contrast, stark-white, bright fluorescent ceiling lights and backlights complement a thoroughly modern and utilitarian wardrobe layout.

Pull Up a Chair: Furniture Items

Pull up a chair

If built-in shelving seems a bore, you can always use classic furniture pieces within the closet area. Large wardrobes, complete with locking doors and tie-racks, can be installed within the walk-in closet. Sturdy footstools and round ottomans can provide a comfortable spot for sitting down and wearing one’s shoes.

Unlike closets in the bathroom, walk-in closets protect expensive leather items, such as handbags, and shoes, from humidity or extreme heat. They also function as a full-scale dressing room, complete with an exclusive makeup and hair styling corner, if that suits the homeowner. Walk-in closets are a practical solution worth investing in, especially for families with school-going children. The only real limit to your new walk-in closet, aside from actual space, is your creativity.

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