Is hospitality sector your favorite niche to start a business in Pakistan? Despite the country facing continuous economical and security turmoil, the sector has been flourishing on steady pace, which is the reason that investors are more interested on investing hotels.

For instance — for investors interested in hotel and hospitality industry, there are several factors to consider of which the two most important are; (i) enough capital and (ii) the selection of the right location for construction in Pakistan.

Location has a significant role to play in making your hotel launching successful; therefore, you need to be a bit tricky while making a selection and for this you can take the advice of industry experts, who could guide you in a more realistic way.

There are following factors which can lead you selecting the best location for constructing a hotel.


Considering demographics is perhaps the primary step you must take as it plays a significant role in selecting the perfect location. You have to see either your selected location receives enough visitors and tourists. Which level of restaurants or hotels, the potential visitors prefer to hire. For instance, if you are planning to make a five-star hotel then you can select a place which is mostly visited by the foreigners and VIPs.

Proximity to Market                  

This is also a biggest factor to consider because visitors or tourists have to visit the market to purchase the items of daily use and other jumbled stuffs. Usually, the visitors don’t like to rent the places from where they have to visit miles away to find a market. However, if the visitors are VVIPs then nearness to market does not matter as they can have everything delivered at their doorsteps. Usually, the hotels located at special tourists’ destinations in Pakistan need to be constructed in commercial area so that the guests could enjoy shopping in the nearby markets.

Basic Infrastructure

You must take into account the basic infrastructure of the area as it lets you know either the site you are planning to construct a hotel in is worth investing. Does your selected location have proper water supply system, stable power supply, developed road network and reliable security system? If yes, then you probably have reached to an ideal location to construct a hotel.

Traffic Patterns

‘Traffic flow patterns’ is also another important factor to consider. Does your chosen site have a link with main roads? Would it be feasible for customers to travel to and from your hotel? Are there any public transport facilities in the nearby areas? For instance, if you are planning to construct a hotel in the hilly areas like Murree and Nathia Gali and other linked locations which are frequently being visited by the tourists, you have to consider the proximity to main roads so that it does not require a long walk to find a transport.


Don’t forget that you are not the only to invest in the hospitality sector; instead most of the entrepreneurs are jumping in the sector as it is providing enough profit. If you have plans to construct a restaurant in the areas where there are already lots of other hotels and restaurants, then you certainly need to strengthen your groundwork so that getting customers or visitors could become easier.


You must choose a place that is near to hospitals, shopping malls and public places so that visitors find no problem in doing any of their tasks.

Once you have selected the location, the next important step is hiring a renowned and reliable architect in Pakistan, who could provide you best construction services while living within your budget.