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Finding a Good Construction Company in Lahore

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4 years ago

Before work begins on your dream building, there are a couple of steps you must undertake as a project owner. First off, you must conduct adequate research on possible contractors for your upcoming project. For example, if you are located in Lahore, you should first find a construction company in Lahore which would be the best fit for the project’s scope. The scope of your project will depend on what you are ultimately going for – will it be a commercial project or a residential project? Different architectural firms have different specializations. Some may only specialize in commercial projects, others may specialize in residential projects, and a third group may have expertise in both domains.

Amer Adnan Associates is an architectural design firm with an extensive portfolio consisting of both residential and commercial projects. Their primary focus is on construction in Lahore. Whenever you do your research, it’s key that you look into the level of experience and types of projects which the firm has previously completed. It is also important to know what the actual construction process involves. We’ll be explaining the entire construction process in more detail so that you are familiar with what goes on “behind-the-scenes.”

Residential vs. Commercial Construction Projects

Residential vs. Commercial Projects

The four main types of construction projects include residential buildings, institutional or commercial buildings, specialized industrial construction, and infrastructure or heavy construction. However, we will be dwelling deeper into the science of construction regarding just these two types: residential buildings and commercial buildings. According to, “Residential housing construction is defined as the building, remodelling or repairing of structures that are built for the purpose of housing people, equipment or supplies.”  The site also defines institutional and commercial buildings like schools, stadiums, hospitals, sports arenas, skyscrapers, and malls. When we talk about construction in Pakistan, there are certain companies dedicated to the development of commercial projects such as The Rafi Group.

The Construction Process

The Construction Process

Now, we’ll be getting into further detail about what goes on in the actual construction process. We had a sit-down with a team of architects over at Amer Adnan and discussed how the team goes about coordinating with each other. The supervisor  takes the entire team forward. They guide the team on their responsibilities and duties as well as overseeing the entire process. Next, we also have sub-supervisors and site engineers on the team. Dealing with the labour, each with their own special skill set, is also another significant responsibility. For the team, one of the most important aspects of the project is meeting all the deadlines – even before the actual ground has been broken on the site. The deadlines could be for the grey structure, the construction itself, the interior design work,  and so forth.

The Technological Side

The Technological Side

An important aspect of finding the right construction company in Pakistan is figuring out how technologically advanced the firm is. If the client has previous experience with construction, chances are  they will ask questions about the equipment, methods, design philosophy, and even the use of cutting-edge technology like virtual reality and augmented reality. In Pakistan,most construction companies have yet to embrace technological change and are sticking to traditional building methods. Although being tech-friendly can make things easier on the construction site, it’s not a necessary requirement. What matters is that the project gets completed on time and within the pre-approved budget.

With the evolution of modern house designs in Pakistan, construction itself is also undergoing a slow change. All over Pakistan, whether they are architects in Islamabad or architects in Lahore, design professionals are now giving top priority to quality construction. As a project owner, it’s of the utmost importance that you take your time to find a construction company that will  be the best fit for your task – whether it be a commercial project or a residential project. Finding a company that does both – construction and design – such as Amer Adnan Associates, is likely to ensure a stress-free building experience- from start to finish.

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