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FAQs – All Your Questions about Vinyl Flooring Answered by AmerAdnan®

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7 years ago

Vinyl flooring is undoubtedly becoming the most popular type of flooring around the world. This modern type of flooring is known for being fuss-free and low maintenance, which is why majority of the people with kids at home are opting for vinyl flooring. All the well-known interior decorators in Pakistan are recommending furnishing at least one or two rooms in the home with vinyl flooring to add a touch of extravagance and class. Once you have installed vinyl flooring, there are some important things that you need to know to keep it looking great.

How Should I Prepare the Newly Laid Vinyl Flooring?

Before you install vinyl flooring, make sure that the floor in your room is perfectly even and doesn’t have any bumps, else the vinyl tiles won’t stay intact. Once the vinyl flooring has been installed in a certain room of your home, it is time for you to move the furniture inside. Before you move the furniture in, make sure to remove all the debris by sweeping and hovering the floor to remove the dust and leftover from vinyl installation.

Can Furniture Damage Your Vinyl Flooring?

The newly laid vinyl flooring has the tendency to get damaged, however, after some weeks of installation, it perfectly takes its place and gets permanent. Therefore, it is really important to place the furniture carefully over a newly laid vinyl flooring. The furniture shouldn’t be dragged on vinyl flooring or it might take a tile or two off the floor. Besides, pushing, pulling or dragging furniture can also mark scratches and damage the surface. While you place the furniture, make sure that all furniture legs are smooth to ensure no damage.

Does Vinyl Flooring Need an Underlay?

The luxury homes in Lahore do not have an underlay sheet for vinyl flooring because the modern vinyl tiles are self-reliant and do not require any additional underlays. However, some older vinyl floors did need underlays for a long-lasting installation.

How Can You Avoid Damaging Your Vinyl Flooring?

To make sure that your hard-earned money on modern vinyl flooring doesn’t go in vain, you must keep the sharp objects away from it. Dragging or sliding heavy or sharp edged objects should be strictly avoided. Moreover, the messy floors and debris can also cause damage to vinyl, which is why it is really important to clean the surface on daily basis.

How You Can Clean Vinyl Flooring?

It is really important for you to clean debris and dirt regularly from the vinyl flooring. You can use a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner to accomplish this task. Since vinyl flooring is non-absorbent, any liquid spills would sit on the surface in puddles and can be washed with a dry absorbent cloth. Make sure to clean the liquid spills immediately because this could damage vinyl when left there for prolonged period. For regular cleaning of vinyl, you should use a clean damp cloth or a mop. In case, there are any stains on the vinyl floor, you can use warm water and light soap to clean them.