Fabric sofas have by far remained the most popular sofa choice around the world, the reason being their affordability and ease of maintenance. Whether we talk about the commercial or residential settings, the fabric sofas hold great importance.

There are many different reasons to opt for the fabric upholstered sofas. The primary reason described by many homeowners is their maintenance cost, which allows people to replace the upholstery once in a year or two.

Majority of the interior decorators in Pakistan also suggest buying fabric sofas for homes because they can easily be upholstered according to the theme color of a room. There are two main types of fabric sofas:

1: Velvet Sofas

2: Wool Sofas

Velvet Sofas

The velvet sofas are upholstered in plush velvet which is considered as the most soft and comforting fabric. The velvet sofas have that look which makes them feel luxurious and extravagant. Velvet upholstery is also very long lasting and reliable. If you want to give your drawing room a classic look, opt for velvet sofas in darker shades. Another outstanding thing about velvet is that the darker tone of the fabric doesn’t get dirty for years.

Wool Sofas

The wool sofas are a really good choice if you are looking to add touch of class to your living room. They are not only super soft and comfortable, but are also easy to clean with the help of a damp cloth. The wool sofas are available in a wide range of colors and designs to give your interiors the look they truly deserve.

Tips for Looking After the Fabric Sofas:

Whether you have purchased the velvet or wool upholstered sofas, it is really important to take good care of them to make them last for longer duration. Following are a few tips by AmerAdnan® for all the fabric sofa owners out there.• Keep your fabric sofas away from direct exposure to sunlight, else it would fade away the color.

• Keep your fabric sofas away from direct exposure to sunlight, else it would fade away the color.

• Avoid keeping sharp objects near them.

• For cleaning the sofa, make use of only damp clean cloth. Strictly avoid using solvent based cleaners.

• Strongly avoid spillages. In case something spills on the sofa, make sure to hire professional cleaning services.

• Keep rotating and plumping up the sofa cushions in order to prevent uneven wear and excessive soiling.

• Make use of a vacuum cleaner or a solid brush to suck the dust out of your fabric sofa on weekly basis.

Fabric sofas, if being looked after carefully, last for years and are the most affordable and stylish furnishing option.