Every season in Pakistan brings along a lot of charm and feel but as far as the summer is concerned, there are more fears than excitement because the hot season becomes unbearable, when reaches at its climax. To cope up with such acute climatic conditions, the homeowners make some special arrangements that are mostly linked with the interior of a house.

As the summer sun is almost upon us, this is the perfect time to kick start the redecorating plans to better combat the increasing temperature in the upcoming burning months. Brighter colors, light weight curtains upholstery and a rug- free area together create a perfect ambiance for summer. Though, some DIY techniques can help you do a major part of your summer house decoration work but still at some stage you need to hire the services of a renowned interior designer in Pakistan.

Here are some tips from pro which can help you change the interior of your house ahead of summer so that fighting with the hot season could become easier.

Reference: Outdoor Furniture To Choose In Summer Of 2015

Say Good Bye to Cold-Weather Accessories and Items  

Do you know that accessories and items placed around us has much to do in building our perceptions? For instance, if it is greenery all around, you will definitely feel fresh whereas scattered winter accessories (such as quilt, blanket, and thick rugs), will intensify the feel of hot weather. Therefore, the first step should be removing all the winter items – such as quilts, blankets, warm bed sheets, heater and winter clothes should be replaced with the new items with respect to new season.

Refresh the Paint

Refresh the PaintPaint brings major changes in the mood of your house. Go for the lighter and brighter paint shades which are good to reflect light. Choose the shades like, white, off-white, beige, apple green and blue. All of these are good to create a lighter and brighter feel inside your house.

Change the Curtains and Upholstery

Replace the thick, warm, heavy curtains and upholstery, with lighter, cooler and brighter stuff. Choose the colors which are brighter in shades and give a cooler affect to your eyes. A thicker and warm rug placed in the middle of a living room or alongside the bed in your bedroom creates a warmer feel, so better remove it or replace it with the one that is lighter and is designed for summer season.

Promote Natural Indoor

Natural IndoorGreen plants play a significant role in creating a cooler effect in an area and beginning of the summer is the best time to grow them. However, before making a selection, you must learn about the best indoor plants as these serve as a natural source of purifying your indoor environment. Even you can grow climbing plants outside the window that opens to the lawn or any other open area. Creepers usually cover up the walls from all around and keep the sunlight from falling directly on the walls.

Balanced Lighting

Balanced LightingDo you know that lighting also plays a significant role in making an area cooler or warmer? Too many heavy voltage lights make your house interior warmer. Therefore, instead of going for heavy bulbs, choose energy savers which consume minimum energy and emit lesser heat. An renowned interior designer in Lahore can provide you the best suggestion while keeping the overall feel of your house.

Make your Heat Combating Appliances Ready

Whether, air conditioners, air cooler or fans, you need to make everything ready and up-to-dated to be used in the hot weather.