Architecture is a combination of art and science which has been in practice for centuries. It has developed over the years and acquired various forms depending upon the distinct personalities of architects. A good design is essential because it helps achieve the lifestyle and comfort expected from the house. The architecture of each era is marked with some attributes which are the essence of the style. Not being an exception, modern architecture has some essentials as well. Modern house architecture features clean and distinct designs, symmetrical lines and open spaces. One can also mix modern architecture with many other styles such as a bungalow, Art Deco, Neo-classical, post modern and contemporary architecture. Architects in Pakistan have shortlisted some of the most significant elements of modern house architecture that you need to keep in mind while building your house.

The Look And Appeal Of The Design


The modern house design according to architects in Lahore should have a simple and elegant façade. Modern architecture emphasizes simplicity of design and creates aesthetics that are not extravagant in appearance. It is also marked by the use of natural and industrial materials. The use of wood, stone, steel, concrete, and iron is dominant in modern architecture to establish a sense of cohesion and symmetry in the design. In order to create a stronger appeal and feel of modernity, the use of glass is also prevalent in modern home designs in Pakistan. In the entirety of modern design, especially in the elevation, one can see all the elements in uniform clean lines. Ornate details like moldings, cornices, and intricate columns are considered unnecessary in modern architecture as it prefers a calm, less embellished look. Modern architecture pays a lot of heed to sustainability to reduce carbon footprint.

Functionality Is A Must


Functionality is at the core of modern house architecture. The purpose of modern architecture is to maximize functionality along with aesthetics. Instead of crafting a design that is not functional, you should always put practicality above aesthetics. It is vital to convey your taste, professional needs, and the lifestyle you want while availing architectural services in Pakistan. It is crucial because then your architect can determine the necessary elements and the things he can compromise on to achieve the best modern house design for you. Modern architecture follows the principle of “form follows function” to create a better lifestyle. It also includes using technology as part of the design. It is not limited to using the latest construction technology but incorporating the appliances and tech of daily use into the design to make it look seamless.

Colors Of Modernity


Every architectural style has a unique color palette that defines its ideology, and modern architecture is no exception. Modern architecture is all about balance, simplicity, and elegance. You can use the colors which represent modern architecture in its pure form. Architects in Pakistan recommend using neutral colors with bright accent colors. The most used primary colors include but are not limited to cherry red, white, silver, black, cream, brown, ivory, cobalt blue, slate, charcoal, gray, lime green, and bright yellow. You can also bring the pop in color through your accessories like furniture and decoration pieces. You can also sway away from the primary palette for this style however you have to make sure that it is in line with the modern style.

Open Layouts Are Taking Over


Modern house designs in Pakistan feature open layouts because it is one of the primary characteristics of modern architecture. Architects in Lahore suggest using make-shift separators like curtains but ideally keeping the spaces open and connected. The kitchen is especially connected to the living and dining space which creates cohesion and openness in the house. It is also recommended to avoid clutter and have high ceilings. Modern designs follow the principle of ‘less is more’, and in accordance with the minimalist philosophy of design, you should create the layout of your house. This also helps in creating ventilation and allowing maximum nature into the house, which is another thing of focus in modern architecture. You can use colors to coordinate every space on the floor, so the design feels constant. There should be a focal point in every room as well, for instance, a TV in the living room, an island in the kitchen, dining table in the dining room. It will make the spaces feel connected.

Everything About Accessories


Modern architecture has a distinct style when it comes to accessories. The modern façade exhibits clean lines, symmetrical design without any particular motifs, or other ornate elements. Windows in the façade are particularly large and the use of ceiling-to-floor windows is highly recommended by modern architects in Lahore. When it comes to the interior of a modern house design in Pakistan, the use of modern art is suggested since it is in line with the style. Using modern lighting such as sconces, sleek floor lamps, string lights, and simple chandeliers is common. The furniture in modern homes tends to be streamlined and comparatively smaller in size. The cabinets and drawers are simple, minimalistic and the shelves are also simple and elegant in appearance. Another aspect of modern home design in Pakistan is the elimination of clutter to make everything look open.