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2 years ago

Creativity is the heart, and productivity is the soul of a business. The way a workplace is designed can play a significant role in increasing the productivity of the employees. The design also portrays your brand’s identity and defines your workplace culture. In 2021, employees expect a lot from their offices like flexibility, safety, privacy, comfort, etc. Especially when it comes to the current pandemic, it is not the first one we are facing and won’t be the last. Hence, you need to design your workplace with the current scenario in your mind. This will help you tackle the coronavirus outbreak and any other pandemic that we will be encountering in the future. Any good interior designer in Pakistan will base his design on the essentials we have gathered here for you.

Let the light come in

Lighting is one of the essential parts of the design. Insufficient lighting can cause eye-straining headaches and leads to errors and reduced productivity. Comparatively, natural lighting can not only increase productivity but can also make your workplace energy efficient. A study about the impact of natural lighting in offices shows;

  • 84% drop in eye-strain and headaches in offices with optimized natural lighting
  • A 10% decrease in drowsiness in workplaces that let the sunlight in
  • 2% increase in productivity by exposure to natural light while working

The top architectural services in Pakistan ensure that your workplace receives optimum natural lighting throughout the day and uses wall paints that complement the light.

Bring in the element of nature

Plants are another element of nature that you should add to your office design checklist. Bringing in plants to your workplace will give it a refreshing natural ambiance. Selecting the right plants for the right place does not need a lot of help, and adding plants to your office design is a very budget-friendly way of improving your workplace. It is also another way of making your office environment healthy.


The layout and the look of your office need to be functionality-focused for obvious reasons. Everything in the workplace should be there for a purpose and should fulfill it. Places like a multi-functional conference room, reception area, office lounge, and a small space for fun activities to blow the steam off should be a part of your office plan. The work cubicles should also be equipped with decorative elements that enhance the functionality of the workplace too. Interior designers in Lahore can design the perfect place, keeping in mind the needs and requirements you have.

Create flexible spaces

The workplace needs to be flexible in its layout and design. Things like getting in and out of the desk can be more annoying than you think. Give enough space to everything and allow room to move freely. You can set up conference rooms a little away from the hustle and bustle of operations or the lunchroom. If you have space-constraints, using make-shift dividers can provide the flexibility to turn common rooms into required places according to your needs. You also need to make sure that there is enough space that will make the employees feel safe in case of disease outbreaks. Professional architectural design firms in Pakistan don’t neglect this important factor in the design of the office layout.

Designing an office is not a simple job, especially when you are low on budget. When it comes to giving your workplace the right look, creativity and knowledge are needed more than the finances, as you can get it done with very pocket-friendly items if you have a clear picture of what you want.

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