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Essential Elements of Environment Friendly Construction

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5 years ago

Environment friendly construction or ecological construction is when a structure is built in such a way that it is not only beneficial for the environment but it is also resource efficient in every possible way. Home construction companies in Lahore are now encouraging their clients to opt for materials that are environment friendly to reduce the catastrophic impact of climate change. Architects in Pakistan now attach a great deal of importance to the use of renewable resources during the construction of a house. To name a few, wood, water and the energy that is needed to construct any building are all resources that must be used carefully.

Globally, there is growing awareness to meet the challenges that the world today is facing with regards to resource depletion, pollution and environmental damage (air, water and land). Below are a few essential elements that the construction industry can take care of in order to minimize damage.

Pre-Construction Phase

The materials selected for construction should be available locally. The basic reason for choosing locally available building material is to avoid the wastage of energy consumed during transport. Another factor to keep in mind is the maximum utilization of natural resources such as daylight and wind whenever a building is being constructed.

Construction Phase

The most important element to check at this stage is the energy consumption. It is advisable to use hybrid motor technologies that are built to ensure that energy is not wasted. Effective water filtration and drainage systems should be installed during construction so that the water that is used within the building is reused consistently. In order to generate electricity, solar energy designs are your ultimate choice during the construction of an eco-friendly house. This rapidly cuts down your electricity cost as well. It is always good to have energy generated using natural resources. Another important factor to be taken into account during the construction phase is the material that is used for insulation purposes.

Post Construction Phase

This phase primarily highlights all the benefits that come as a result of ecological construction. Eco-friendly buildings have reduced operating costs because of their green initiatives. Inclusion of daylight provision in the construction design can help minimize electricity consumption and cost during the day. Sunlight also contributes in enhancing a healthy indoor environment and brings health benefits to those residing within. Together, the construction industry should act responsibly and help in playing its part to reduce the rate at which climate change is occurring today. Ecological construction can help with environmental and economic sustainability for a brighter tomorrow.

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