In the present times, our lives are greatly influenced by the contemporary movement. It has not only fashioned our lifestyles from eating to clothing but has also prompted the development of new ideas in architecture and interior design. The term modern, which is also interchangeably used with contemporary, is used to describe the act of breaking from the norms with bold and rich ideas more adept to the current thinking. Like every other style in architecture and interior, the modern style also revolves around some fundamental characteristics, which are technology, functionality, and elegance through simplicity. If you are building a modern home, there are certain elements that you essentially need to have in your house to ensure it is true to the originality of contemporary architecture and interior design. For modern home construction in Pakistan, keep in mind the following elements necessary for a modern house.

Uncluttered Spaces


One of the most prominent traits of modern aesthetics is open and uncluttered spaces. Contemporary architecture focuses on clean and symmetrical lines in the façade with no motifs or curvatures. Interior decorators in Pakistan always recommend keeping the areas like floors, tabletops, and shelves uncluttered. It does not mean empty but to make sure only the functional and necessary pieces get a place. Modern style follows the ‘less is more’ principle of minimalism and avoids intricate details such as trims or extravagant details. The idea is to make the space look as sophisticated and elegant as possible without making it look cluttered. Carefully select your decoration pieces such as a sleek vase, a modern art piece, or colorful glasswork for a crisp aesthetic appearance. Avoid having too many objects because they can make the house look overwhelming, which is a big no in modern designs.

Furniture With Clean, Elegant Lines


The modern interior focuses on creating uncluttered spaces, which is impossible with furniture having a heavier presence. For a modern look in your house, you need furniture with clean and elegant lines. Modern furniture is sleek and functional to the core since all the occupied space is in use for a purpose. Choose slender chairs, elegant tables, smart couches instead of the furniture with bulky cushions, weighty composition, and big armchairs. Such modern furniture creates a sense of relief, calmness and prevents the house from looking overcrowded. There are many abstract designs available that will leave every visitor in awe of their stylish design.

Connected Outdoor Spaces


Modern house designs in Pakistan are all about creating a serene environment that focuses on relaxation by breaking from the norms. It is one reason that contemporary homes are well connected to the outdoor spaces to create a personal oasis that extends to the interior. You can achieve this by connecting the lawn of the house with any space that is connected directly with the outer area. Many architects in Pakistan also suggest building a green room attached to the patio or the porch. For this, you can have the same flooring for both the inner and outer areas. Large ceiling to floor glass walls or windows can help connect the space both functionally and aesthetically. The idea is to build the spaces in cohesiveness, complementing each other’s features. A connected outdoor space can provide you with a natural oasis and will make your house look spacious.

Use Of Nature And Natural Material


Any architectural design firm in Pakistan that is consulting you will tell you that a modern house is incomplete without incorporating nature and natural materials into the house. Nature plays a vital role in contemporary architecture as it refreshes the entire structure and makes it more livable. Contemporary interior allows maximum light and ventilation so the interior of the house is well lit and airy. Similarly, using natural building materials such as wood, stone, iron and slate hold the center stage because they make the space more serene. The use of these materials is not confined to the interior, as modern homes use natural materials in the façade to elevate the beauty of the house.

Reduction Of Energy Consumption


Sustainability and reducing energy consumption are the prime focus for modern interior design and architecture. The idea to build open spaces, well connected to the outside, and adequately supplied with natural light and air is all related to the most modern concept of building sustainable abodes. Architecture companies in Pakistan are now constructing houses that can help decrease the energy consumption and carbon footprint of the buildings. Efficient energy systems, lighting, and smart technologies are being used to craft houses that are good for the environment. Using solar technology, planting trees, and creating green spaces is the primary area where architects are putting efforts to make sure the houses contribute to creating a pollution-free environment as much as possible. These practices will also benefit the homeowner in the end by helping them reduce their bills.

While signing a contract with any construction company in Pakistan, make sure you discuss with them the above elements and the way you would like to incorporate them in your house.