More than 90% of the overseas Pakistanis have their permanent residences or homes in Pakistan and this is because they have to stay connected with their native land for one reason or the other. They keep visiting their inborn houses occasionally as on a marriage ceremony of someone closer or any other special occasions like Eids, and for this they need to have their own residences where they could live more comfortably. Mostly, people think to move their motherland at the time of marrying their off-springs and on these special occasions, the need an own home even increases.

For expatriates, who move here from developed countries, moving and living in Pakistan becomes a bit difficult because residences are not of as advance standards as they have in abroad, where houses are all insulated, maintaining a perfect inside temperature with respect to outside. Besides, there are various other residential perspectives for which overseas Pakistanis hesitate to dwell in their motherland.

However, with the prevailing trend of hiring architectural and interior designing trends, it has become possible for overseas Pakistanis to have international standards luxury homes in Pakistan. There are a number of renowned construction and interior designing firms in the country such as Amer Adnan Associates, who have a team of foreign qualified architects and interior designers. By hiring such firms, expats can build international standard homes even in their motherlands, so that they could enjoy the same luxurious living in Pakistan too.

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Hiring an architectural firm is not an overnight task; instead expatriates need to conduct proper research, both by visiting the websites of various architectural and interior designing firms and reading the customers’ reviews online. For closer observation, they need to have one-on-one conversation with the contractor through skype. They should check complete profile of that company and have a detailed look of the major constructional and designing projects, it has done. Moreover, they must try to get a word-of-mouth of home owners who have got their residential or commercial building ventures completed by the same architectural firms.
Doing this, expats can get enough detail about different renowned architectural companies and make the best choice by a drawing comparative analysis. Here are following questions, expatriates need to get answers of.

1.    For how long this particular construction or interior designing firm has been rendering its architectural services?

2.    Has it done any landmark construction in Pakistan? If yes, then which is that? Better visit the place personally or ask your friend or acquaintance to visit it on your part.

3.    Are they really committed to give what they say?

4.    Do they have experienced and professional team of architects and interior designers?

5.    Are they trustworthy enough to do your constructional work even in your absence?

Once they have got the answers, check if the answers go in the favor of choosing that particular company or should they look for another one. After selection of a company, expats just need to sign a contract and during the meeting, explaining all the constructional and interior designing needs and requirements is essential. The best thing is to jot down all the key points on a paper and explain it to the contractor either through a video conversation from abroad or they can have a face-to-face conversation. The meeting is important in a way that it lets the architect know what they are actually expecting and how they want to make their residence more luxurious and stylish.