The first step to getting what you want is understanding what you want. More often than not, potential homeowners enthusiastically ask their architects to build them a great house in lahore – and to build it inexpensively.

There are as many shades of great and inexpensive as there are of the color grey – narrowing down the vision somewhat would benefit you greatly. Acquiring property and building upon it is a joy that few experience before they are middle-aged. It is a huge investment and a time-consuming one; rather than worrying chiefly about finances, start planning what you need as a definite outcome.

Again, this is targeted towards homeowners – do you want a comfortable home? A well ventilated one? Are you fond of entertaining guests or do you want something more private?

Answering a few questions and asking yourself a few more will be very advantageous – especially before meeting with your architect or contractor. After all it’s you that needs to be satisfied.

As it is now

The simplest way to identify your personal likes and dislikes is to observe how you spend your day. Whether you want to build a home, restaurant, office building or educational facility, you need to understand the aspects you like and those that need improvement.

As you would like it to be

The factors in a built environment that impact you directly are daylight, noise levels and internal temperatures – take these into account when consulting your designer. Also, spaces need to be built to facilitate activities important to your culture or lifestyle; if you are a family that dines together, make sure the dining room is presented in a way that makes it intimate and usable.

Making it all possible

It’s the easiest thing in the world to have grandiose expectations – grounding yourself is important. Creating a design may cost money but getting it implemented costs even more. Where to save and spend depends upon you; it’s best not to compromise on things that would impact you negatively in the long run. Spend generously to ensure your space is well planned, the fixtures and fittings installed are top of the line and your worksite is rigorously supervised.

Doing a little market research also helps – simply garnering information about building materials will be very eye-opening. The point is to not get overwhelmed; designing spaces is exciting and a novelty one should never take for granted.