Do you think that interior design is merely curtailed to the flooring options, wall paints, false ceilings, and chandeliers? Certainly not, as interior design has an integral relationship with pattern, type and colour of furniture items as well. I believe, furniture items play a vital role in making and breaking the overall look of a space, which simply means we cannot put the important aspect called as ‘right choice of furniture’ on the side burner while designing by the interior designers in Pakistan.

In our country, we have a range of furniture items from inexpensive to posh and from simple to massively inlaid, but a fair deal is to make a good match of the overall appearance of a space with the furniture pieces placed in it. According to Co-Founder Mr Shahzad Ali, if your furniture items do not complement the space aura, your house is likely to look unarranged and even untidy. For instance, if you choose to mount huge furniture pieces in a small room, the whole space would start looking tacky and choked. You should always procure such furniture items that truly support the size of your rooms, and uphold quality interior look. On the contrary, smaller furniture pieces for bigger rooms make the space appear bare and unattractive.

I personally believe that the wall paint, floor style, false ceiling, lighting and even furniture items are inter-related and play a vital role in defining the overall appearance of a space, and neglecting the balance between any of the mentioned stuffs will lead to the impairment of the aesthetics of the space. You should not even think of bringing home contemporary furniture items for a retro-looking space, and vice versa. Moreover, you should not get the overall interior design flawed by exaggerated decoration. Even a slight excess of furniture items will make your room appear overdone and the same goes for other interior design options.

If you are planning to revamp the interior of your home, it is equally imperative for you to work on the blueprint of the interior to have a beforehand feeling of how your home would look after the execution of the project. A smart move is to make the choice of furniture items earlier to bring home the furniture of your choice. Once the interior design job is done, you will be forced to procure furniture matching to the interiors, and not to your thoughts.

There is no harm in saying that furniture and interiors are the two wheels of a cart. Failed synchronization between these wheels will let the cart loose its balance. Therefore, the colour, size, type, style and even placement of the furniture items have a huge on impact interior design, which makes ‘right choice of furniture’ an integral part of every interior design project.