It is not essential for you to travel to Tahiti in order to get the feeling of tropics, sometimes adding a decorative touch to your bedroom or living room, you can give you the feel of nature. Whether you are remodeling your existing home or getting a brand new home constructed, you need to have the guidance of a professional interior designer in Pakistan to help you conducting the decoration job flawless. Through some creative thinking, professional guidance and wise implementation, you can transform an ordinary space into a dominion of your dreams. There are many different types of home decor styles, each preferred by a specific group of people. The home decor styles are based on different tastes, surroundings and cultures. Below are the most common types of home decor styles to help you choose the one that suits your preferences:

Reference: 3 Prevalent Styles Of Home Decoration

Country Decor

Country DecorThe country decor style is usually known as the most popular decoration style. It gives you sufficient room for creativity. The country decor style usually combines rustic or primitive furniture. The home accessories in a country decor style usually come with muted colors, vintage fabrics and distressed finishes. Besides, the country decor includes accessories like lamps, candle stands, wrought iron decoration pieces etc. Sometimes, the country decor homes comprise animal theme including horses, bulls, roosters etc.

Traditional Decor

Traditional DecorThe homes with a traditional decor style offer a warm and welcoming environment. The colors tones used in a traditional decor style include green and peach tones. The warm wood tones matched with aubergine and tan are among the primary features of traditional home decor. The accessories such as still-life paintings, silver candlesticks, gilt frames and the silk flowers are among the usual parts of a traditional home decor.

Asian Decor

Asian Decor The homes with an Asian decor style come inspired from Chinese interior. They comprise bright colors and make use of accessories like picture frames, jewelry boxes and vases with darker wooden shades to provide an Asian look. Moreover, the woods and furniture come with lacquered and high-gloss finishes. The artwork in an Asian style decorated home characterizes Chinese culture and sculptures. Asian style painted pottery, silk covered pillows etc. are the key features of an Asian decor style.

Western Decor

Western Decor The western decor style is also called cabin or rustic decor. It makes use of earthly tones along with denim and bandana inspired fabrics. The accessories in western decor usually come inspired from the cowboys. The use of leather as well as the animal skins is quite common in western decor style. Besides, the American inspired fabrics are also a part of the western decor.

Contemporary Decor

Contemporary DecorContemporary or modern home decor is what most of the renowned interior designers in Lahore make use of, in the modern day. As the name tells, contemporary decor is all about the modern living styles. The contemporary decor is more about form and artistic impression than function. The interior decorators make use of oversized round fluffy rugs, acrylic accessories, vibrant pillows and much more in a contemporary decor style.