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Designing Amusement Parks in Pakistan

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4 years ago

Who doesn’t enjoy an amusement park? Whether you have children to keep busy or a group of friends to entertain, amusement parks present an ideal solution. There are quite a few amusement parks across the country, from Karachi to Islamabad. All of these offer not only year-round fun but also good value for money. As an entrepreneur, it makes good business sense to consider the appeal of family-friendly commercial spaces – from amusement parks to traditional arcades. Make sure to consult the right team of people if you’re looking for construction in Islamabad, Lahore or Karachi.

The Mechanics


For an amusement park to be popular and turn a profit, there has to be consistency between the different building blocks. These distinct building blocks can be divided into three main categories:

  • Core product refers to the park’s main attraction. It provides the visitor with a reason to visit. For instance, when we think about an amusement park, feelings such as fun, adventure and thrill come into mind.
  • The free-fall ride, bumper cars, haunted house and the smell of freshly popped popcorn- all of this comes to mind when talking about an amusement park. These elements are collectively termed as supporting products. The rides, cafes, clean washrooms, emergency exits, and an environment-friendly design all help create an enjoyable experience for the visitors.
  • Facilitating products are all the other factors that set the stage for the venture. Adequate parking spaces as well as easy access to public and private transportation adds to ease and convenience of the visitors. Also take into consideration that spaces designed with ramps to facilitate wheel-chair bound visitors are pivotal.



The combination of the following factors can result in a profitable business venture:

Best Possible Location

The location impacts footfall and plays a crucial role in the success of a commercial space. The proposed park should be near popular tourist destinations and be easily accessible through public and private transport. A well-designed parking facility can attract even more visitors.


When visiting an amusement park, visitors are not only looking for entertainment but are also interested in learning something new. A mix of entertainment with an educational experience will not only attract more visitors but will give an edge over the competition.

Safety First

It is important to ensure safety in the design and installation of the rides and other supporting material in an amusement park. The developer needs to abide by the safety protocols and use only the highest quality products in the construction of the brand-new commercial space.

An important factor in building family-friendly commercial space is the design itself. Project owners must select a top-notch construction company which can design and construct an amusement park with the highest quality standards. First, a team of architects conduct a feasibility study; this includes considering factors such as the location of the park, proximity to public transport, ease of accessibility, and the total area. The next step is to pen down sketches and schematic diagrams to come up with a functional design. After finalizing the design, architects in Pakistan can use their established network to help procure hard-to-source products like the actual rides and gaming equipment.

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